Cryptozoic VCC super node quota adjustment, are you ready?

Sep 17 · 2 min read

In early August, within five seconds of cryptozoic VCC super node queue starting, 128 super node quotas were sold out. Communities require more super node quota.

The cryptozoic VCC super node has been favored by the majority of users since its beginning. Early users who participated in super node have got multiple returns, but the majority didn’t get the quota. Now is the chance, don’t miss it!

For the expectations of users and their better participation in VCC eco-construction, cryptozoic VCC launched the suggestion collection activity of super node quota adjustment on 22 August, 2019, Beijing time. Users can choose their opinions through make-a-wish plan in cryptozoic APP. As of 16/09/2019, according to the voting data of make-a-wish plan, the final result is to limit the quota and increase the quota according to the block height.

Details are as follows:

Details are as follows (as of 2019–09–16) :

(35.94%)Limit the quota and increase the quota according to the block height.

(30.65%)Limit the quota and increase the quota according to the evolution stage of Cryptozoic.

(17.14%)Cancel the quota limit.

(11.24%)Keep the status quo and make no adjustments.


The community now decides to make the following changes to super node quota:

1. From block 554,240 to 1,280,000, add 12 super node quotas per block week(60,480 blocks).

Eg: add 12 super nodes in block 554,240+60,480=614,720; add 12 super nodes in block 614,720+60,480=675,200…… until block 1,280,000.

Note: in block 554,240 to 1,280,000, A total of (1,280,000–554240)/60,480*12=144 super nodes are added.

2. From block 1,280,001 to 3,840,000, add 6 super node quotas per block week.

Eg: add 6 super nodes in block 1,280,000+60,480=1,340,480; add 6 super nodes in block 1,340,480+60,480=1,400,960…… until block 3,840,000.

Note: in block 1,280,000 to 3,840,000, A total of (3,840,000–1,280,000)/60,480*6≈258 super nodes are added. The total number of super nodes is 1128+144+258=530, which will never increase.

3.After the upper limit of the quota is increased, the nodes in the queue automatically fill the valid nodes.

This change has been supported by the GVC 0.2.10 client.

Go to download and install.

This adjustment is aimed at better participating in VCC eco-construction, encouraging contributors, attracting traffic and building consensus to jointly promote VCC development.

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