Cryptozoic VCC, the king public chain in the 3.0 era of blockchain, leading new trend of industry development

Sep 19 · 6 min read

Since 2019, the digital currency, block chain become the fresh air in the venture capital industry. Facebook, in particular, has announced the launch of Libra, a digital currency. The rising trend of digital currency has been unstoppable, and a large number of investors are eager to enter the market. State media, including People’s Daily, have repeatedly sent out positive signals, making us believe that the “blockchain era” is coming.

Whether you sense it or not, whether you agree with it or not, blockchain is developing fast, like the wind, like the fire. In this trend, Cryptozoic VCC was born, and its public chain structure of complete decentration determined that Cryptozoic VCC would become a capital binge that would never end

Looking back at 2017 to date, before the Cryptozoic VCC, there were about 6 types of projects.

The first one was in the second half of 2017 to the spring of 2018, in which were the bull market of blockchain industry. The project side took advantage of cognitive gap and information gap to reap from investors through only a white paper.

The second one is only in technology but not the secondary market. This type of project failed because the founding teams did not know the finance and did not respect the current market environment. Technology and finance are indispensable in blockchain.

The third one is the token of traditional Internet enterprises, which mostly ends in failure. The reason is that they entered the blockchain industry with great speculative mentality, but because they had “worn their shoes” in the Internet age, they did not have the courage to go the deep water. However, the blockchain industry is at an early stage, and it is too close to finance, so human nature is fully exposed. It is impossible to catch big fish in the shallow water area. Therefore, wisdom and courage are also indispensable.

The fourth one is the token of traditional entity industries, “chain reform” and “currency reform” project. From 2 kinds of logics we can know that such projects will not succeed. First, the alliance chain is not the real blockchain, unable to represent the core spirit of blockchain decentralization; Second, if these entity enterprises could get funds in traditional financial markets, why should they issue tokens for profit?

The fifth one is the pure-capital mode. This kind of project does not be supported by technology and product system, which is a fast running game. Moreover, the blockchain industry has changed from the underground to the transparent and gamr rules must be written through the smart contract, so it is impossible to reap from team members and retail investors through the technical backdoor.

The sixth one is VDS. Regardless of whether the coin price of VDS is weak or not, or the gap between the technology and product of VDS and market, VDS deserves the salute from the industry. Reason 1, VDS did certain technology and product reserve before its market publicity instead of the disgusting ways that project side reaps from investor through only a white paper before. Reason 2, the operation of VDS anonymity, intentionally or unintentionally, directly promoted the change of the business cooperation of each module in the industry. Exchanges, media, technical service providers and other industry service organizations have faced the return to the co-governance and co-construction essential ecology of blockchain.

If it is VDS rang the bell of industry inflection point, then it is Cryptozoic VCC that broke the door of industry inflection point. Cryptozoic VCC is the original underlying public chain and the real syntheses sincethe industry development. Strong technology innovation & strong product system & strong trading mechanism of token & strong rules for community co-construction & strong original operation, Cryptozoic VCC has the gene of currency, public chain and marketing.

With the advent of Cryptozoic VCC, the traditional centralized “project side” no longer exists, and the founding team of anonymous and decentralized quality projects should be called the “original community”. Project anonymity is the next mainstream. Pseudo-anonymity is easy to be caught, while true anonymity represents confidence and courage.

Since anonymity means that no celebrity endorser is needed. The project’s technological innovation and strong product system will push the market to participate in ecological construction. The next high-quality projects must have significant technological innovation, and the blockchain technology service providers will face great challenges. First, blockchain technology service providers lack the gene and driving force of technological innovation; Second, high-quality projects must have finished the innovation and reserve of core technical before market publicity. Their product system will have been relatively complete, then why still need technical service providers? Third, under the pressure of high-quality projects, the living space of junk projects like pure-capital mode will be compressed to the limit, and the customer source of technical service providers will be greatly affected. Therefore, blockchain technology service companies will be acquired and adapted by high-quality project side for technological research and innovation, or face bankruptcy, or can only do some alliance chain projects of government or enterprise. The emergence of Cryptozoic VCC greatly raised the threshold of project approval and operation, so junk projects will gradually disappear in the mainstream market.

For the majority of investors, Cryptozoic VCC is the value coin, not to be used to speculation. With the continuous improvement of Cryptozoic VCC ecology, the coin price of VCC will rise steadily.

The promotion system of Cryptozoic VCC dandelion network is cleverly designed, and the final effect is quite magical. First, all true Cryptozoic VCC users still make lots of fortune even if the coin price does not rise. Because dynamic users have enough promotion revenue while static users also have considerable revenue. And the only poor guy is the speculator in secondary market. Second, because the coin price is stable, most impetuous speculators lose interest in VCC, thus reducing the speculation atmosphere and the probability of the sharp fluctuations in the coin price, which avoid hurting VCC consensus players who enter the game at a high price. Because of the above two points, VCC has a great opportunity to build a large-scale user group quietly and efficiently, and the probability of the project’s success will be increasingly large.

The top-level design of Cryptozoic VCC is almost perfec, which can be called “culture controller”. Currently, by participating in the ecological co-construction of VCC, you can get profit by mining. Ordinary miners get 10% of the output VCC in each block, and super miners get different percentage of block awards according to different grades.

At present, most users who participate in mining are like Proof of Stake, because holding VCC is more profitable. Participating in the ecological co-construction of VCC is to promote the blockchain industry to return to the essential co-construction and co-governance ecology through VCC.

Based on the initial analysis of Cryptozoic VCC and the judgment that it will lead the industry development, there are good reasons to believe that Cryptozoic VCC will become the top 10 public chain projects in global value rankings in the future.

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