Have you seized the opportunity of cryptozoic VCC supernodes to earn money?

Sep 30 · 4 min read

In 2019, the “public chain fever” really made the “super node” renowned all over the currency circle. According to statistics, nearly half of the world’s more than fifty public chains are competing to become supernodes. If you don’t know how to play super nodes, you’re out!

What exactly is a supernode?

Almost all public chains are community autonomy, and there is no central leader to make decisions. In order to maintain public chains, the majority of community users must reach an agreement. How to achieve it is the consensus mechanism. Currently, POW, POS, DPOS mechanisms are quite well-known, as well as the new POD mechanism launched just this year. Whichever mechanism is adopted, the decision-making power of the public chain is allocated. For us ordinary people, the selection of super nodes has two significant meanings: voting rights and income distribution.

Since 2018, whether EOS or VDS supernodes, whether in the bear market or bull market, have had an extremely high income and drawn tremendous attention, which makes supernodes a hot topic in the currency circle. Even some poor players think that in the complex currency circle, becoming super nodes even turns the killer of the circle.

There are only more than 50 public chains in the world at present. Have you seized the opportunity of these existing super-nodes? I believe most investors are regretful for not catching the opportunity.

Now is the chance. The Cryptozoic VCC super node will enable you to make money. The chance is here for you!

As a part of its complete ecosystem, the Cryptozoic VCC super node is indispensable. On the basis of POW (proof of work) that can ensure fair competition, the Cryptozoic VCC actively absorbs the advantages of DPOS and uses POW+MPOS+Cryper to create consensus algorithm for mining.

Participating in the Cryptozoic VCC super node needs to hold a certain number of VCC, and provide long-term online hardware support to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the entire block chain data network.

The Cryptozoic VCC opened the first batch of supernodes in early August, with 128 quotas and 126 000 VCC locks . The super nodes queued for and all 128 super nodes were sold out within 5 minutes after opening. The benefits of the Cryptozoic VCC supernodes are quite abundant. The qualified supernodes will equally take 30% of the new VCC generated in each block as the supernodes’ benefits.

In order to accelerate the rapid development of the Cryptozoic VCC in the global block chain, and in response to the expectations of community users, and to enable more users to better participate in the ecological construction of VCC, the Cryptozoic VCC launched a supernode quota adjustment opinions collection activity on August 22, 2019, Moscow Time. The purpose of the activity is to more effectively and rationally adjust the supernodes quota, and to seek the true opinions of major users. They can choose opinions via wish plan of Cryptozoic App. According to the voting result of the wish plan, the final result of the supernode quota adjustment is to limit the quota, and increase the quota in conformity with the height of the block.

The latest quota of Cryptozoic VCC supernodes is adjusted as follows:

At the height of Block 554,240~1,280,000

Each block week (60,480 blocks) increases the quota of supernodes by 12, with a total increase of (1,280,000–554240)/60,480*12=144 supernodes.

At the height of Block 1,280,001–3,840,000

Each block week (60,480 blocks) increases by 6 quotas until the block height reaches 3,840,000, and then the increase stops. A total of (3,840,000–1,280,000)/60,480*6≈258 supernodes were added. At that time, the number of super nodes totaled 128 + 144 + 258 = 530, which will never increase in the future.

Note: With the increase of the quota limit, the nodes in the queue automatically make up their positions without any operation.。

At present, the chain height of Cryptozoic VCC blocks is 622,076, and the first batch of supernodes quota have been adjusted and added 12 super-nodes at the block height of 614,720. The next supernodes quota of Cryptozoic VCC will be adjusted at the block height of 614,720+60,480 and 12 supernodes will be added to each block week( = 675,200 blocks). The first batch of supernodes quota has been missed, and the next supernodes quota will increase. Are you going to miss it again? Each block newly produces 30% of the VCC currency. Would you like to get into the act?

Looking back on the first batch of users who participated in the Cryptozoic VCC supernodes, in just over a month, they have received more than several times the return, and the rate of return is very high. Now the opportunity has come. This increase in the quota of Cryptozoic VCC supernodes will undoubtedly give users another chance to be bound to earn money. Opportunity has come, you cannot miss it!

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