The new anonymous currency of VCC has appeared, and where to go for XMR, DASH and Zcash?

Oct 3 · 5 min read

Recently, a new word, actually not that new, has occupied the eyes of those in currency circles. Of course, it is anonymous currency.

The wealth beloved in the dark world, a digital asset that can’t track the flow of money at all

It is inevitable that anonymous currency continues to be popular in the changing encryption market. Whether it is based on dark-net transactions or for the purpose of privacy protection, BTC is widely sought after because of its anonymous function to a certain extent.

However, as the encrypted currency becomes more and more prominent in the field of circulation, the supervision of this market in various countries is also more stringent, and BTC is the first to bear the brunt. BTC’s anonymity function is not perfect. In order to remedy its shortcomings, people gradually turn their attention to the more complete technology of anonymous currency.

However, while the anonymous currency “old currency” is in the ascendant, “new currencies stand in abundance”, how should many investors decide?


In 2014,XMR were displayed in the circle of currency, providing the highest level of anonymous function and it is a well-deserved old brand of anonymous currency.

Until now, XMR has received a high degree of acceptance in the dark network transaction and has been widely recognized that it will become the next new favorite to replace BTC. It can get such a high position in anonymous currency, mainly because of its ring signature technology.

The ring signature technology is that all participants will form a ring to the signature, so that nobody can tell who is the first signer judged from the order of the signature. But when XMR uses this concept, it can form the ring signature without any consent from others via its public key of his public key, thus achieving complete anonymity.


Dash can be said to be the most well-known among the anonymous currency, and it is also a kind of anonymous currency with high acceptance by businessmen. It’s not hard to understand the mixing technology.

Mixed currency, obviously, is a way of confusing the line of sight. When it is used, it involves a lot of output and input in a transaction, and separates the corresponding relationship between them. The more people involved, the more the number of turns, the more complex the relationship, the higher the secrecy.

That is truly the technical defect, although more people participate in improving security, but the speed is not guaranteed, and the small number of early participants will make the transaction record traceable.


Zcash can be said to be the most advanced and complete anonymity technology among all anonymous currency. They have been greatly sought after by the currency circle since it appeared in the world, and their nominal market value even exceeds that of BTC. Such a high reputation is entirely due to its core technology, zero-knowledge proof.

Here is an example: A needs to prove to B that he holds the key of a room. B determines that there is something in the room. A opens the door and takes it out to B, proving to B that he has the key of this room.

In this process, B has never seen A’s key A nor provided any other valid information, but ultimately proved its ownership. Zcash can also better guarantee the anonymity of transactions by using this technology.

In order to ensure the need of supervision, Zcash provides users with completely anonymous transactions and non-anonymous transactions. However, in practice, due to the slow speed and other issues, its anonymous function has not been widely used.

These are the three old giants of the Anonymous currency circle. They have their own advantages and disadvantages. In the course of their continuous competition, the Cryptozoic VCC, a new generation of anonymous currency, has recently emerged, grabbing people’s attention with extraordinary vigour.

Cryptozoic (VCC) is a new anonymous currency just listed in July 2009. It adopts the original consensus of POW+MPOS+Cryper. Under the premise of guaranteeing extremely high anonymity, the Cryptozoic (VCC) pays more attention to privacy network security.

The Cryptozoic VCC is based on the end-to-end anonymity basic protocol of network layer and application layer. It uses privacy domain management and one-time ring signature to send completely anonymous private transactions to senders. It uses multiple cryptography technology to ensure the encryption of node IP, transaction address and key information and also provides high-secret support for anonymous asset publishing, privacy transmission and interoperability. It is an anonymous privacy protocol for application service support.

In addition, it has distributed anonymous computing systems beyond BTC and ETH. The anonymous block chain system uses UTXO model + DAG with virtual machine program to compile and execute intelligent contracts.

Cryptozoic VCC is a new rising star in the past six months. Although the launching time is relatively short, it quickly occupied the anonymous encrypted currency market. We can learn that it is really a fierce competition.

Whether it is old currency or new anonymous currency, the advantages and disadvantages of anonymous currency are also obvious. Users’ transaction records and financial information are completely hidden, which protects users’ privacy well. Although the current role of anonymous currency has been partly applied to crime, it has become a mainstream digital asset growing in the dark world.

However, due to the long-term existence of such demand, its value base has been constructed, and the risk of return to zero is almost zero. At the same time, the government will also increase the supervision of anonymous currency. Appropriate supervision can solve the current problem of technology abuse.

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