The One Where We All Felt Awkward

Being in a relationship is a beautiful thing. Being single and the recent purchaser of a can of Pringles to enjoy on a lovely Friday night is also a wonderful thing. But being the best friend of a couple madly in love doesn’t have words. Here is an array of photos (and some clever captions) that say more than 1,000 words ever could.

As best friends, Ella O’Toole and Sara Mazzola hang out every day. Occasionally, they invite Sara’s boyfriend, Kyle Benus.
And even when Kyle does get invited, most of the time he’s the third wheel.
But not for long.. Ella’s back at it.
A healthy third wheeling relationship changes constantly. Ella and Sara share pringles as Kyle works on his laptop.
And then sometimes, a cuddle puddle including all parties is just plain necessary.
But a third wheel is a third wheel for a reason. Sara and Kyle love each other and Ella loves her chips.

So all you third wheels out there, stay positive. One day someone will be third wheeling your relationship.

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