Analyzing the Brilliant Storytelling of Superbowl Ads

Chobani Ad

This ad is for Chobani yogurt. It is about a bear breaking into a small grocery store and knocking everything over except Chobani yogurt. This ad’s target audiences are people who enjoy eating healthy, with the tone being humorous. The company is identified after the bear rings the bell at the checkout counter and pushes the Chobani yogurt, gesturing to purchase it. The exposition of the ad is when there is a shot showing the small town where the store is located and people are shown shopping and checking out groceries. The rising action is when the bear breaks into the store and all the customers run out screaming while the bear is roaring and wrecking the entire store. The climax happens when the bear is at the checkout counter ringing the bell, showing the audience what he was looking for, the Chobani yogurt. The falling action is when the bear grabs the yogurt with his mouth and walks out of the store. The resolution is the final shot of a customer still trying to escape in his car that won’t start and the bear walking away, assuming back where he came from because he found the yogurt that he was thinking for.

Taco Bell Ad

This ad is promoting Taco Bell. It is about elderly people living in a retirement home who sneak out at night and do mischievous activities together. The target audience is fast food eaters and the tone is humorous. The company is identified towards the end, when the elders in the car stop at a Taco Bell and are eating Taco Bell in the parking lot, goofing around on top of their car. The exposition of this ad is when the grandpa is told goodnight and tucked into bed. Then when the lady leaves, he gets out of bed, looks down the hall as if he was sneaking out and hops in a car with a bunch of other elderly people. The rising action would be when all the elderly people are doing mischievous activities like sneaking into people’s pools, going to night clubs, and setting fire crackers off at people’s front doors. Then the climax would be when they are all sitting in the parking lot of Taco Bell on top of their car, laughing and throwing sauce at each other without a care in the world. The falling action/ exposition is when they are all walking back into the retirement home when the sun is coming up, and that is when the logo of Taco Bell is shown with their slogan, Live Mas.

Comparison of Both Ads

The ad that I think has a stronger narrative is the Chobani yogurt ad. I feel that there is a more concise beginning/middle/end that help give the audience the purpose of the ad more quickly while entertaining them. I also like how this ad includes suspense, which keeps the viewers intrigued to find out what happens. The Taco Bell ad lacks suspense and there isn’t a strong climax or resolution because the elders just go back to their retirement home. The Chobani ad catches reader’s attention more because there are many emotions that the viewer goes through throughout the commercial. For example terror, when the bear breaks into the store and scares all the customers and store clerk, and humor when the bear wants to pay for the yogurt by ringing the bell. Although, I do think the Taco Bell ad would be more likely to be shared because it is more humorous than the Chobani ad. I think the majority of commercials that are shared and talked about the most are the ones that are the funniest, and Taco Bell has more humorous aspects to it than the Chobani one.

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