5 things you must know about Russian language

Russian alphabet differs from Latin one.

It’s Cyrillic. It belongs to Slavic language group like Bulgarian, Polish, Czech, Serbian and others. You have to be used to some unusual sounds and to learn specific Russian letters.

Bad news: some of them are really strange and hard to pronounce.

Good news: some of them are extremely similar to Latin ones. Vowels are pronounced in the same manner as they are called. Always.

There are no rules for stressing in Russian words.

You have to learn it or just feel the right way.

Bad news: There is a such specific feature in Russian as homography when words have the same spelling but different meaning depending on stress.

The most famous: за́мок — замо́к (a castle — a lock). Be careful using that.

Good news: no good news;) Kidding. Just try and then you begin to hear music of Russian language.

The main problem for most foreigners is declinations and conjugations in Russian.

Bad news: you have to learn 6 Russian cases, 3 declinations (of nouns, adjectives, participles and pronouns), 3 genders, 3 persons, 2 conjugations and 2 aspects of verbs. What else?

Good news: if you learn German, French, Spanish, Finnish and some others you will face with the same stuff.

It’s considered that Russian is one of the most beautiful and hardest languages in the world.

If I agree with the first item I don’t think so about the second one. In my humble opinion Chinese or Arabic are much more difficult.

Bad news: for better learning Russian you should refresh you mind concerning language stereotypes and devote plenty of your time to study.

Good news: as a result you get opportunities to speak to Russian speakers all over the world, read world literature masterpieces, travel to this incredible country and do other stuff.

Start with simple and easy in Russian and move step by step. Then some difficult will be seemed to you easy!

No bad only good! Try! Try free, try with a tutor, try watching movies or listening to the songs. Don’t be scared!