And you colluding in calling women TERFs and telling lesbians they’re transphobic is perfectly fine…

Where does Owen do that, Posie?

And, Pip, ‘terf’ is at the very least a misnomer. Many of us disagree with the claim that “trans women are women”. That disagreement is based on biological facts. But disagreement ≠exclusion from basic human rights as specified in the incredibly dishonest website entitled theterfs[dot]com. Yet that is the definition of terf that seems to be in currency and the word is used as an insult against anyone who disagrees with trans ideology — including trans people themselves like Miranda Yardley, Jenn Smith and Rya Jones. Check out the terfisaslur website for some of the most vile misogynistic abuse you are ever likely to see — all of it directed at alleged ‘terfs’.

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