then acquire the right resources (if needed) to break those constraints. Not before. Rinse and repeat.
Expose Your Constraints Before Chasing Additional Resources
Ash Maurya

that might be too late? at least for the SoulPowerCircles…

Relationship building, Attuning, Verifying, Heart-connecting is a long process, and it cannot be acquired, it must be experienced, in many rins-ing and repeating-loops. Purifying ignorance & reactivity out of the systems. The less sand in the engine the faster the space shuttle. Purification happens not only on cognitive level, but above all intuitively, emotionally. Heart Resonance is the ultimative trust accelerator.

Today we still “acquire” resources, but I hope within the following decades, people will find their inner voice, connection to their source & master…

…. and hence will be naturally drawn 1. to their particular place and 2. to their SoulPowerCircle, just by their inner power plant & its enormous vibrations.

the whole universe is vibration & energy. 
Why not try using the underlying divine laws?