A Mind of Your Own

A Mind of Your Own

Kelly Brogan, MD

There is No Pill for Your Ill

This book may very well be one of the most important books of this time. As those of us who have inherently known for a while that our modern medical system is fundamentally bankrupt and has absolutely nothing to do with the care of our health. Big Pharma, Big Agra, and Biotech have declared war on our ability to grow and maintain our health of body, mind, and spirit. Brogan, a practicing Psychiatrist specializing in women of child bearing age has some pretty impressive street cred. It is indisputable that she knows her stuff and can argue the science in her arena and quite possibly well beyond. She is also that rare breed of doctor that actually reads the latest literature in her field and voraciously at that.

A Mind of Your Own challenges not only the status quo belief that depression is due to a chemical imbalance and is usually determined by one neurotransmitter (think we can all guess which one that is). Known as the monoamine hypothesis, there has not been one single study in six decades of scientific research that has shown this hypothesis to be true. Not. One. Single. Study. This should cause outrage among those of us who have been fed a bill of goods by perhaps well-meaning/perhaps not doctors who have acted as nothing more than the legal drug pushers of our society. The science paints a chilling picture of what psychotropics can do to the brain and even scarier is that we don’t know that some of these changes aren’t permanent. In the words of Robert Whitaker, author of Anatomy of an Epidemic, by taking an SSRI you are literally changing your brain, possibly forever. It’s like paying a visit to the Hotel California, “you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.” Checking out is not so easy either, you will learn about discontinuation syndrome, what it is and how your agreement to start taking an SSRI can easily guarantee you’ll be on them for life.

What about all those televised commercial and print ads that simply state that the monoamine myth is true? TV would never show something that wasn’t true. Would they? Brogan addresses the complex problem of direct to consumer advertising and how it has perpetuated dangerous beliefs and assumptions about what is means to suffer an affliction of the mind. Brogan backs us all assertions with a body of science that cannot be refuted unless of course you are prone to excessive repetition with no attempt at rationale.

I know how difficult if not impossible it is to deny long held beliefs that have sustained us over so many years. Some will be unable, paralyzed by their fear that the sky is falling and the walls are closing in. Trust me, it can be done as Brogan herself did it. You don’t get to her place without a good backstory. Those of us who would love to see the whole precarious house of cards come tumbling down, cheer on books such as this one.

There are plenty who insist that Prozac or some other SSRI changed their lives. How could anyone refute that N of One? Brogan offers an explanation for this but doesn’t stop there. She offers a safe and sound lifestyle plan is offered with a simple request of try this first, you might be shocked at the results. It cannot be that easy, could it? For millions of us, yes it can and it should be the starting point for all of us. Dietary changes comes first along with suggestions for supplementation and a discourse in everyday exposures to toxicants within our control. Will this solve all of the mental health issues, no of course it won’t but as Brogan mentions, and our society’s intolerance for suffering in any form, for any amount of time has caused a collective crisis of being. We have journeyed far from our ancestral birthright and it isn’t good. The recipes offered are simple and easy to execute. If you already cook regularly and follow a Paleo type template, these will be old hat for you. If you are making the switch from the Standard American Diet (SAD) and feel somewhat overwhelmed, the suggestions and recipes offered will provide a spring board to getting started. Brogan offers the advice she doles out in her practice all for the price of sixteen dollars and change.

I strongly recommend reading A Mind of Your Own with an open mind and if you can swing it, an open heart as well. Then, put her suggestions into practice. Do your own research. Commune with yourself and learn the truth.

We are not broken.

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