What the hell are we doing? When we will we wake up as a collective whole and change the status quo of our sick and unnecessarily drug dependent society.

Will I live to see it? Will my children live to see it? Will my hoped for grandchildren see it?

I truly hope so. It is a part of my personal mission along with so many others. I can only hope that we are at the point where the tide is about to turn but judging from the ignorance I see daily even with the people I know. It’s is as bad as it ever was, worse even.

One of my non-guilty pleasures is watching a little television at night but lately it’s been a tainted pleasure. I watch in slow motion train wreck like horror as one direct-to-consumer drug commercial after another is paraded before my eyes for pharmaceuticals with names I imagine publicity hungry celebrities choosing for their kids (Jublia in particular would make a lovely name). I actually think to myself “soon they will run out of names for all these medications, then what?”

The roughly my age women who are all suddenly benched from their lives with the pain of fibromyalgia. What the fuck is fibromyalgia, really? One day they were active moms and the next, poof…chronic, debilitating, widespread pain. What about all that rampant erectile dysfunction? It couldn’t possibly be because of contraindicated lifestyle choices could it? Your doctor is trained to tell you no. It’s never the toxins that you are ingesting, it’s not your pack a day habit, and it surely has nothing to do with your lack of exercise. They are supposed to say that because they need to sell you on a drug.

Yeah, yeah, I know that not every allopathic doctor is like that and I shouldn’t lump them all in one category but enough of them are to where I see the need to start calling them out and let the good ones separate themselves from the mess by. Why should the consumer have to do that job for them?

Every night the “there’s a drug for that” list seemingly grows longer and longer. In my book, it is an insane number of strange pharmaceuticals with weird names being laughingly and lovingly embraced by throngs of life-affirming and smiling actors who obviously operate under the adage that a job is a job.

Every ailment that you can imagine but didn’t actually know was a “thing” has its own drug. The list of what is considered a disease also grows exponentially. Any symptom is fair game. A booger hanging from your left nostril is cause for a drug induced medical intervention. The side effects (read disease states) caused by the first line drugs now have their own second line drugs to treat them. William Osler, M.D. said “the person who takes medicine has to recover twice, once from the disease and once from the medicine.” Seems he is right. Imagine taking more than one drug, the norm now in our society. I also heard a homeopath one say something equally profound, that every allopathic drug will drive disease deeper into the body so be very careful with what you take and why. I might also add the imperative-ness of knowing how to detoxify and recover.

The media is owned and controlled by the drug industry. They own the networks and all who work there. They control your paycheck if you are part of mainstream media. They own your ass.

Doctors, those bastions of legalized drug pushing now prescribe anti-psychotics to toddlers. Does this freak you out? What toddler needs to be put on an anti-psychotic? If the problem is that severe, shouldn’t we be asking why and getting to the root of the problem? Parents have outsourced their intuition and general common sense to a paternalistic and tyrannical medical regime. I have seen it over and over again among my peers. What parent in their right mind would agree to put their kid on one of these drugs if they truly had informed consent combined with the long term outcomes of these medications?

It is not always in my short term best interest to try to convince anyone to change their minds or at least think before blindly following doctors’ orders. At least ask them a few questions first. Ask for package inserts to any and all medications they prescribe. Note the blank stares you may get because as crazy as this one seems, some medical staff will not even know what a package insert is. How can this be? They may also tell you that the inserts have all be thrown out which may very well be true.

Did you know however that they are required by law to give it to you? Are you aware how often that law gets broken every single day with no repercussions whatsoever?

Is this really OK with you?

So let’s say you do ask questions about a drug either prescribed or suggested, did your doctor disclose all the effects of the drug, both positive and negative, before you asked, willingly participating in the informed consent process?

It is literally up to us to safeguard our health and not a single one of us has the luxury to do nothing and think the status quo will change or that any entity has our backs.

It won’t and they don’t.

It’s long past time for all of us to start asking questions, getting answers and figuring out where to go from here.

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