If I Run

Title: If I Run

Author: Terri Blackstock

Reviewer: Maria Ryan

Fugitive with a Conscience

Casey Cox is running from the law after realizing that she is being framed for a crime she did not commit. Her best friend Brent is brutally murdered as he gets closer to uncovering the way Casey’s father, a police officer, really died years before. Understanding the dire nature of her circumstances and utilizing her intelligence to effectively stay off the grid, she is on a mission to clear her name. However, given her circumstances this is no small task and she must tread carefully.

Dylan Roberts is an ex-soldier suffering from moderate PTSD. After his childhood friend, Brent is killed he is tasked by the victim’s family with finding the murderer and bringing her in. He is working in conjunction with the police department who apparently does not have the manpower or resources to hunt a fugitive on the run or so he’s told.

An unexpected occurrence plays at Casey’s conscience as she puts herself at risk to assist in another unsolved crime, this one involving an adducted teenage girl.

The creative licenses taken with this story left me with a feeling of overreaching however it was crisply paced and entertaining. There are too many storylines crammed into one short novel but the strong characters were a plus. The strong Christian message woven throughout may not appeal to all however after reading the author’s note, it is in alignment with Blackstock’s beliefs and works well as it is interwoven into the story. I appreciated this aspect.

Short, fast paced with non-stop action. The story continues with a follow up book, If I’m Found. I am looking forward to it.

BRB Rating: Read It


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