Ink and Bone

Title: Ink and Bone

Author: Lisa Unger

Release Date: June 7, 2016

Intuition’s Way

A young girl has mysteriously disappeared while on a vacation hike with her father and brother. After nearly a year missing, her mother is the only one who cannot give up the search for her missing daughter. Hiring a private investigator who works with a well-known psychic from the area where the crime took place, the search which has long been considered a cold case, is kept alive by a mother who won’t quit.

The psychic’s granddaughter, Finley is the one who is getting the reading on this case. Finley has recently moved to town to live with her grandmother. A sharp intuitive who sees dead people as regularly as she sees the living, she is conflicted on how to use her gifts and unsure about whether she wants to use them at all. At her grandmother’s urging Finley reluctantly agrees to work on the case.

This is a powerful suspense novel with tension building in all the right places and taken right to the bitter end as Finley learns a valuable lesson about paying attention to the needs of those no longer living. The aspect of divine feminine energy in the form of intuition is a fascinating theme as is the importance of letting go. This is hair standing suspense at its best. Seriously worth the read.

BRB Rating: Read It

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