Only Daughter

Title: Only Daughter

Author: Anna Snoekstra

Missing Person, Assumed Identity

In order to keep from being arrested for shoplifting, a troubled young woman steals the identity of a young girl gone missing eleven years ago. The now cold case is reopened with renewed interest. What really happened to Bec, a sixteen year old who was here one day and mysteriously gone the next? What is it about Bec’s family, her mother, father and twin brothers that is so unsettling?

As a young woman tries to integrate into a new and disturbing family while keeping her story straight and not revealing too much, the truth behind Bec’s disappearance rises to the surface. Questions, previously ignored, come to light as answers that have been there all along are finally revealed.

Though filled with amazing potential to be so much better than it was, the story was a bit of a letdown. Told in the alternating voices of past Bec and her present day replacement, the seemingly small incidentals got lost in the bigger details. What did Bec find in her brother’s backpack that was so disturbing, it had her fleeing her house instead of taking her siblings to the water park as promised? By the time I got around to finding out, I had forgotten all about this critical scene that could have been potently used to build suspense.

BRB Rating: Read It