The Grownup

Title: The Grownup

Author: Gillian Flynn

A Grown Up Ghost Story

Our sassy unnamed narrator opens this very short ghost story with perhaps one of the best lines I have ever heard. In fact, this may just be my most favorite book opener and if you have already read The Grownup you know just what I am talking about. It’s a grab and go line.

Our young heroine has grown up trained as a con artist by a street smart and resourceful mother and has to this point held a number of questionable, possibly somewhat illegitimate jobs. A colorful array of positions exposing her to a colorful array of characters. Life is not dull, nor is it exactly stable.

Susan, a wealthy forty something year old woman walks into Spiritual Palms, a tarot card reading facility which also offers “other” services taking place in the back room. She wants to hire our narrator, who deftly works both up front and in back, to spiritually cleanse the house she lives in along with her son and stepson. It’s the stepson that has her worried, he’s a bit of an oddball and Susan seems scared to death of him as well as the house she claims she has no desire to live in. An unseen husband who travels extensively adds to Susan’s intense anxiety but how he figures into the story remains to be seen.

As our narrator makes her first visit to this supposedly haunted Victorian and learns more about Susan and her family along with the house’s history, she starts to believe that maybe there is such a thing as ghosts. Told with wry humor, this unique ghost story begs the question: Can a con artist be conned?

BRB Rating: Read It.