The Marriage Pact

Title: The Marriage Pact

Author: Michelle Richmond

Publication Date: July 25, 2017

A New Meaning for Ball and Chain

Coming this summer, one of the stranger pieces of fiction I have picked up lately. This psychological suspense thriller introduces Alice and Jake as newlyweds who are recommended by one of Alice’s clients to become members of a very exclusive club.

They naively enter into The Pact, a strict members only alliance centered on strengthening the marital relationship. Alice and Jake are all in. Alice mainly because she never back down from a challenge and Jake because he is head over heels in love with his new wife and will make any commitment to keep her.

There is a must read manual which acts as the Pacts code of ethics and literal bible. There are rules and regulations, some so stringent that they seem set up to provoke failure, and there are consequences, some so severe that they are inarguably tortuous and barbaric.

Jake and Alice are about to find out just what they signed up for. As they desperately try to navigate their new relationship and find their own way, they quickly learn that the Pact will not let them be and that there is no leaving this group once they signed on the dotted line.

The plot is an intriguing one but the story does go too far. At times, it borders on ridiculous. Then again it begs the questions: what is it that makes people compliant to the most outrageous things and why do we so easily option out our critical thinking skills when that is the very thing we most need to survive? The ending might not be expected which is a good thing in this case and lent strength to the plot however do not go looking for a tidy wrap up to this story. You won’t find it here. I did not love the story however I do see its value in bringing to light a few critical questions and for this reason I am recommending it, particularly to those engaged or newly married.

BRB Rating: Read It.

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