The Shallows

Title: The Shallows

Author: Nicholas Carr

What is the Internet Doing to Our Brains?

An exhaustive and at times tedious look at the way our brains process information in the age of digital information overload. Yes, our brains retain a high level of plasticity and they are changing as we speak to adapt to the constant digital onslaught. The ways in which we read, process, write, and interpret are all evolving into a more shallow existence. The pros and the cons are weighed and perhaps the ultimate warning that digital auto-regulation (my term as far as I know) is the most critical factor in managing the digital chaos that permeates our lives to the degree that none of us can fully escape even if we wanted to.

Highly recommended for all, especially the Millennials and the TBD’s (age 10 and younger) who are growing up fully indoctrinated into the digital era with no frame of reference to a time before. Carr reminds us that there is a price to pay for top speed information processing and that our brains have not yet evolved to the point where that price is null and void.

BRB Rating: Read It

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