Things We Set on Fire

Title: Things We Set on Fire

Author: Deborah Reed

Shattered Secrets

A long ago decision made between a husband and wife has dire and unforeseen implications for their children.

Wife and mother Vivvie made a critical choice thirty years prior that deeply affected her role as a mother and her relationship with her two daughters Elin and Kate. Now estranged with Kate and mostly incommunicado with Elin who lives across country, Vivvie gets a phone call that Kate has overdosed and that her two young daughters need a place to stay. Vivvie opens up her home to her granddaughters while calling Elin for backup.

As Kate’s story unfolds and what appears to be the truth about her condition is actually something else entirely, Vivvie must relive her deepest fears for her children and relive the most painful decision she has ever made.

Elin returns home with her own life altering problems accompanying her. She is newly introduced to two young nieces, the eldest bearing a remarkable resemblance to her own face that serves as a painful reminder of a long ago romantic relationship that ended with no real closure. Her relationship with the sister she never understood is tenuous as she navigates a broken bond with her mother.

These women are all complex and deeply stubborn but their hearts are huge and their capacity for healing will give you hope. A beautiful story about life, the choices we make and the consequences we live with.

BRB Rating: Read It

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