Title: Million Dollar Women

Author: Julia Pimsleur

Great Business Advice for Any Business Woman

In Million Dollar Women, Julia Pimsleur offers plenty nuggets of wisdom that apply even to those women entrepreneurs who aren’t necessarily ready or willing to take the next step into the big leagues and grow their businesses beyond the million dollar mark. Therein lies the beauty of this book. It furthers the empowerment of women in any situation and has the potential to advance the progress of all women in the workforce.

Some of the sage advice that Pimsleur wisely offers in a straightforward, and digestible way include valuing preparedness over attractiveness and clearly identifying your allies, foes, and frenemies while reminding women that they are their own best asset. Case histories are examined via interviews with successful women entrepreneurs to showcase what success looks like and how to avoid certain pitfalls. She herself generously tells her own story of being a new mom while starting a language learning program for kids and all that entails, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Business journaling exercises in the back of the book are useful starting tools that will help to clarify goals and keep them on track. They are also designed to identify and troubleshoot weaknesses while building on strengths.

Part coaching, part cheerleading, and a bit of tough love, Pimsleur covers all the basis in a comprehensive format that is easy to read, inspiring, and honest. I would recommend this book to any woman entrepreneur regardless of how big she wants to go with her business.

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