Watch Me Disappear

Title: Watch Me Disappear

Author: Janelle Brown

Publication Date: July 11, 2017

The husband is always the last to know.

Billie is a restless soul, married to a lovely man who works around the clock to provide for his family and has a fifteen year daughter, Olive, who is naturally pulling away from her parents to establish her own identity and struggling with some pretty heavy issues.

Billie is also needy and constantly in search of center stage, something to add excitement and pulse to her mundane life as a trendy northern California housewife whose role as class mom is swiftly coming to an end. She is also a quintessential introvert, one that requires a decent amount of alone time to recharge.

Billie plans a solo hiking trip to a place in a place called Desolation Valley. When she fails to return home, she is declared dead and Jonathan and Olive must adjust to a life without her.

Jonathan decides to quit his job and write his and Billie’s love story but he is forced to face the possibility that their idyllic life was not at all as it seemed when facts about Billie’s past surface and the woman he married is called into question.

The husband is always the last to know.

Billie has been harboring several world rocking secrets, a few of them imparted to Jonathan by way of Billie’s best friend Harmony, a clingy woman who makes a very obvious play for Jonathan’s affections after Billie is out of the picture. In addition to this Olive has been having visions of her mother leading her on a quest to find her.

Watch Me Disappear is full of twists as the reader is led on a path to wanting to learn the truth about a very complex character and the truth about what happened to her. The pacing is even and suspense is built slowly till the final pages leading up to a satisfying finale.

BRB Rating: Read It