New Production Rules for Vehicles Aimed to Change The Environment

Air pollution is one of the main problems our society faced in 21st Century. As we all know many prominent organizations around the world are trying to fight against the affect cars make to the air quality. And recently the Environmental Protection Agency started a campaign aimed to enhance fuel quality. So, now for heavy-duty and medium-duty vehicles there are new standards of emission and efficiency to follow, thanks to the EPA and NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).

The new rule means size matters. All types of trucks, buses, outsize pickups and vans are in the category of medium- and heavy-duty vehicles today. These types of cars are proved to produce 20% of all emissions. And this number is constantly growing every year now.

The standards will be applied to the vehicles to be produced starting from 2021. The price of such cars is expected to be much higher compared to the present value but there are going to be more benefits than car owners might expect. For example, the owner of a new car will recover the extra money spent by saving the fuel (the engines are going to be much efficient) in 2 years. The factories producing the new type of vehicles following the standards set are going to get credits if they meet the rules established by the EPA. It is expected to see the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by 1.1 billion metric tons. 2 billion gallons of oil are predicted to be saved while using the cars produced following the standards set for the companies.

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