No Need to Buy A Car?

The progress makes many people become citizens of megalopolises, where parking a vehicle is really a case. Time changes and having a car for each family member became a history. Just imagine if every person living in NY would own a car — we would have no place to walk and no air to breeze, traffic jams would block every route in the city. Besides gas prices are not falling down which makes people spend their dollars on filling the tank to get to work.

So what we see now is the evolution of transportation. People see no need in buying a car with Uber and Lyft apps in their smartphones they go to work, get back home, go shopping for a small amount of cash, saving time. Less cars now block the roads in big cities as more and more drivers offer a ride. So, before buying a vehicle, make sure you really need it, there are so many drivers around ready to pick you up at any location!

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