The Quickest Way to Understand Your True Goal

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When I was in my twenties I always wondered: “What should I do? What are my objectives?” Achieving a goal is a hard thing. However I found it extremely hard just to set one. I was afraid of the mistake and I didn’t want to spend a lot of time aiming the wrong goal.

The solution came out of nowhere. That time I was eager for love but I also was afraid to pick the wrong guy out of the ones I liked. I was tired of thinking this over and over again and was ready to give up of all this romantic stuff just to give myself a rest. Then a thought dawned on me. I wondered, okay, I was going to give up, but just for a second — who would I regret the most? The answer came out of the elevator right in front of me. It struck me because it was so obvious.

Now when I feel myself stuck, when I’m ready to give up I ask myself just one question: What am I going to regret the most if I give up right now? If I stop what will I be mourning in a year or ten years for not doing it? That’s it. What comes to mind is really your true precious thing. If you find it hard and unbelievable, don’t lie to yourself, you really want it nevertheless.

Now, do you have a problem with goal setting?




Writing about what motivates and inspires me

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Maria Zheglova

Maria Zheglova

Writing about what motivates and inspires me

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