Design is presented every day and in everything we do. In this post, I will share my experience with another Ironhack exercise that was part of my prework. The goal of the exercise was to start applying design principles to my daily routine in order to analyze what things that I faced every day provided a good or bad user experience.

For this exercise I used sketchnotes to present the good and bad user experiences that I ran into. The inspiration for using sketchnotes came from another exercise for which you can find the story here.

My top 3 Worst UX of my everyday life

In this story I will share my experience with another design exercise that was part of my Ironhack prework.

Duolingo logo

In this exercise we had to pick one of our favorite apps and mimic their UI in order to have a copy of the design in Sketch.

The exercise was a way to get familiar with Sketch and put into practice what was learnt in the previous UI lessons. I chose to work with Duolingo since I’m an avid user of the app. I use it every and I’m currently in my 170 days streak and proud of it.

I really…

In my journey as an Ironhack student, I was presented with a sketching exercise and in this post I will share my experience with it.

For the exercises we had to sketch two talks, the first one being a TED Talk and the second one required going to a Meetup event.

For the TED talk, I watched “Why our screens make us less happy?” by Adam Alter and for my Meetup event, I went to an Ironhack talk in Barcelona called “Service design. A designer toolbox in a connector’s mindset” by Lourenço Viana.

First let me say, that I’m not…

I’m an Ironhack student and this is my second go at writing a Medium post. This time it’s for a Wireframing challenge (you can find my first challenge, based on Design Thinking here).

For this Wireframing challenge, I had to pick an app, select a task that can be performed with it and analyze its flow. I chose the Fitbit app, let me first make the disclaimer that I am not into fitness in any type of way, I really do not enjoy exercise and I suck at most (probably all) sports. Nonetheless I know that exercise is good for…

Since this is my first go at writing a post in Medium, I thought it was a good idea to provide a little information about myself first.

I’m and electronic and telecommunications engineer, that in the past year has become a UX enthusiast. Although my background is in technical support, I found that different aspects of my career align with the UX design world and that’s why I decided to further improve my education by entering this path.

This article is part of my training as an Ironhack student. It was my first design challenge and the end goal was…

I’m an Ironhack student and in this post I will share my experience on one of the challenges presented by the academy. The challenge consisted in a Usability Evaluation and Site Redesign (you can find my first challenge on Design thinking here and my second one on Wireframing here).

The task was to analyzed a travel booking app and test it with a specific user type. This user type will have to follow a series of steps to book a hotel and flight having as destination one of the new 7 wonders. …

María Alejandra Pérez

UX/UI designer with great system design skills

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