Local Photographer Has To Pay His Own Medical Bills and Hopes Florida Revises The Constitution To Cover All

This is Jesus Villafranca, he enjoys taking pictures and traveling (Coutesy: Jesus Villafranca)

MIAMI — Jesus Villafranca is a 24-year-old graduate from Florida International University hopes that the Florida Revision Commission approves health care for all. A couple of weeks ago he needed to do a medical procedure and he was counting with his insurance to cover it. He saw himself in a difficult situation because the insurance denied to cover it, he had to pay.

He has a major in Management Information System and has a passion for photography. After he graduated in 2016 he started working in a company called STW Electronics as a business analytics. One of the benefits that his job offered was to give him insurance. The company paid half the price and the other half was taken from his salary. The insurance given by the company was Florida Blue Cross and Blue Shield. He pays half monthly for this insurance which he says it is not beneficial considering it doesn’t cover the exams he needs. He attends Medical Park Group for all of his procedures because it is a free standing independent facility meaning that he is going to pay less than in hospitals.

The last time he went to the clinic was this year because he needed an urgent CT scan of the brain, he was suffering a lot of headaches and his primary doctor ordered this procedure. He went to the doctor on September 27th and on Friday the 29th he called Medical Park Group to make his appointment for the CT Scan. The department of pre-cert started doing the paper work for the insurance to give the authorization for the procedure. Jesus was hoping that they would give an answer soon, and it was the other way. The insurance took more than two weeks to answer and when they finally got in touch with the clinic it was to request more paper work. They wanted clinical documentation to be reviewed by the insurance clinical staff. After another week of waiting the insurance denied the request. Jesus was desperate and didn’t know what to do, he ended up paying money out of his pocket and more than what he paid before.

“It is not fair that I am paying so much for an insurance that I am no getting benefit, I have really high deductible and out of pocket,” Said Villafranca “Even though I pay my highly payments monthly for the insurance every time I visit the doctor or get a procedure done I end up paying more, if they approve it of course…”One of the people that helped him during the process was Elaida Fernandez she works in Medical Park Group and was assigned to contact Jesus insurance and help him. She also agrees for the public proposal for health care, “Right now the insurance is very high, and when you go see the doctor you pay more,” said Fernandez “After I did all the paper work for Jesus Villafranca, the insurance denied it, he had to pay.”

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