He’s Trying to Lose
Dave Pell

The piece itself presents like an article. It has no staples of other formats. Because it presents like an article and then does not site any proof and is not objective fact, I feel this piece is more intended to gain attention than anything else. Perhaps it is intended to be an essay swaying opinion, but the opinion is not owned by the writer. As a piece of work, I think this needs a rewrite. It could be good if it chooses a direction. If the conversation/scene with the father was developed it would have greater impact. If more facts were presented that would make it stronger. It looks like we are jumping on the subject expressed and less on the helping the writer develop with constructive criticism.

THAT SAID, have you ever considered that Trump is actually part of the Clinton agenda? I also have no proof, but it makes sense to me. I wish someone would look into this.

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