The Fem Show 018: How Do I Hire People That Are a Good Fit For My Business?

In this episode of The Femtrepreneur Show, we’re talking about how to hire contractors such as designers and virtual assistants for your business that are a good fit for your company culture.


  • The Femtrepreneur company culture (3:00)
  • Hiring (6:30)
  • Hiring the opposite of you (12:10)
  • Paying contractors (15:20)
  • Hiring for culture, personality, and values (18:00)
  • Interviewing tips (21:00)



“Hiring someone who fully believes in your mission but cannot help you …is a waste of your money.” — MeganCLICK TO TWEET

“You have to have the foresight and the self awareness to know that you should hire the opposite of you.” — MariahCLICK TO TWEET

“You should be hiring someone who has strengths that are your weaknesses.” — MeganCLICK TO TWEET

“Don’t cheap out on good people.” — MariahCLICK TO TWEET

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