#TwitterSmarter Not Harder

The #TwitterSmarter chat led by Madalyn Sklar discusses social media marketing techniques solely related to twitter. The pointedness of the chat being directed at only one social media platform elevates its value as you can know what information you will be learning on. The contributors range between various countries, ages, genders, and professions. If I was looking to invest in my overall social media strategy, snapchat or blogging strategy, I would know that this chat would not be the most edifying and productive.

Twitter chats function by relying on hashtags to connect all involved to the topic. Then the host will either provide or invite a guest to provide tips on the subject of the chat. Lastly, the host fosters discussion amongst those engaged in the chat to then allow the sharing of information amongst similar professionals.

This week’s #TwitterSmarter chat had several questions on digital management systems. One question from Sklar being “What tools are in your Digital Toolbox that make the best Twitter experience for your audience?”. There were a surprising amount of tools that I was hearing for the first time about. Some of the tools mentioned were: Smarterque, Feedly, Twitonomy, Hootsuite, Nuzzle, Tweetdeck, Social Jukebox, Triverr, ManageFlitter, Buffer, AgoraPulse, Google Alerts, Twools, SocialChamps, Affino, and Sprout Social, amongst many others.

I do see the value in tools such as those above by providing scheduling, analytics, and insights, which allows one to evaluate their effectiveness. There is a myriad of tools for creating content, publishing content, evaluating content, and connecting with those that are already engaged in your content. I am sure to look into some of those tools. If you are on social media and looking to take the next step then I recommend investing time into discovering tools that meet your needs for social media marketing and communication.

Along that same vein, tools are helpful, but do not replace people. Ai Zhang demonstrates that well here:

People aren’t programs or projects. Automation is helpful but not the end goal. Ian Anderson Gray recommended using programs for scheduling and monitoring, but to actively respond to interactions rather than using automatic engagement tactics (https://twitter.com/iagdotme/status/867792568750415872).

Overall, “Twitter is noisy — don’t just be another noise contributor. Dare to be different. Be visual, creative and be YOU!” (Ian Anderson Gray). Add value to your followers’ lives by investing in them with your content and engagement. Tweet smarter not harder.

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