GoPro’s Newest Hero?

This is Jeff.

He is a fun loving, 22 year old who loves snowboarding. He lives in a small house Big Bear with 3 of his friends that, during the winter, snowboard every day. When he is not on the mountain, he can most likely be found at the local mom and pop diner serving his regular customers. His 1997 4Runner can be picked out of the crowd for being bright pink with the snowboard on the top. He painted it pink in honor of his mom, who passed away from breast cancer in 2012. He uses his GoPro HERO 4 while he is snowboarding in order to capture epic shots and videos. In his free time, he scrolls through Twitter and Facebook, often laughing at the cat videos found in his feed. He plans to one day work for Transworld magazine. He was an early adopter to GoPro because of its unique size and ability to withstand the cold and snow. He often comments on GoPro’s Facebook posts, along with posting his own content to get ideas on different perspectives of camera angles.

Written by Mariah Wolff, Luke Maxwell, Wayne Ortega

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