A Tour to Walled City Lahore with #AmalFamily

I just completed the 3-months career prep fellowship at Amal Academy for skills development and at the last day of the fellowship we had a plan to visit walled city Lahore.

So On January 8,2016(sunday) we gathered at main Amal campus around 8:30 Pm.

After that we left for Bundu Khan at Liberty to have good breakfast.

After reaching Liberty we went to ‘Bundu Khan Restaurant’ and we ordered everyones all time favorite ‘Halwa Puri’. we had a great time there.

Breakfast we had at Bundu khan
Eating Breakfast with my awesome fellows at Bundu khan restaurant

After having break fast, we had a plan to go to the walled city Lahore.Ma’m zoobia Doger offered us a free ride.When we went to the parking of Bundu khan ma’m zoobia’s car was stuck in between two cars.So we were wishing that what if superman comes and lift the car out.At that very moment Wajid(Amal fellow) lift out the car from parking.Our wish came true there=P Then we girls went towards the walled city Lahore.When we reached our fellows were waiting there to join us.

When all our fellows gathered we plan to visit Gurdwara first , here a guide told us about the gurdwara.Visiting a gurduwara was a whole new experience for me.

Selfie in Arjun Dev jee’s gurduwara

After that we went inside the Gurdwara.For the entrance in the gurduwara you must have to be bare feet and head must be tied in handkerchief.

We went to Lahore Fort(Shahi Qila)which is at the northern end of Lahore’s walled city, and spreads over an area greater than 20 hectares.The Lahore Fort contains 21 notable monuments, some of which date to the era of Emperor Akbar.

After entering into Lahore Fort we had a group photo there.

At the Lahore fort

After that we went to see the different parts of the Lahore fort like Shesh Mahal, Moti Masjid and the wall where anarkali buried alive by King AKbar. we didn’t have a guide to tell us about the historical places but we managed as we already knew little bit history of these places.

On the wall where Anarkali buried alive

then we sat on the ground to take some rest.We did gossiping,sang songs in group and played Badminton we enjoyed a lot there.

we also visited Sheesh Mahal and moti masjid .

in front of the Moti Masjid

After visiting the Lahore Fort we had a group photo there.

Group photo outside of the Lahore fort

After that we decided to have lunch at “Butt karahi” but most of us wanted to go “Haveli Restaurant” for lunch.As there were more votes for Haveli so we went for the haveli restaurant in the back side of the Lahore fort,but unfortunately it was closed.we were so hungry so we ate pappar from a rerhee wala while deciding where to go for lunch.

So we left no choice but end up eating at “Sardar Machli”

Sardar Machli=P

After eating lunch we left for our homes with heavy hearts as this was the official last day of our amazing fellowship :/


> I so enjoyed this tour this was one of the best and memorable day in my life it’s just because that #Amalfellows were amazing,they made it memorable for me.

> By Visiting historical places we learned a lot about our origin about our history.

These kind of tours are necessary to maintain a balance in work/life. I will try to go outdoor on weekends.