How I plan to become a better learner

When we think about the things we do everyday,we probably wouldn’t put learning new things on the list. Living busy and hectic lifestyles makes it difficult to think about learning new things and trying something new, but we could be really missing out both personally and professionally.

Challenge I faced:

The challenge I face learning new is my procrastinating nature. Even though I am so sharp at learning and adopting new things but my procrastinating always become hurdle.I always push things or work on the last time.

Takeaways from the course:

This was the problem I faced but from course I learned the pomodoro techniques which says that work for 25 minutes without interruptions and be focused on whatever you are doing and after 25 minutes give reward to yourself like listening music or a mug of coffee.This technique is really helping me a lot to overcome this procrastinating nature.For me this was the main takeaway from the course.From this course I found a solution of my problem.Now by using this technique I am hoping to become a better learner.

It is so important to try new things and push ourselves out of our comfort zone.There is nothing to lose, so we should start today and learn something new!

Get out of your comfort zone and learn new things