Most Important lesson learned from the Amal fellowship

The most important lesson?

The most important lesson I learned from this amazing fellowship is that how to learn by myself without any teacher or instructor.Before this fellowship I bound the learning only from the teacher I never thought about learning new things on my own.

Why this is important?

As I never took the online courses before now I have faith in myself that I can learn anything online.And this is so important for me because now I am able to learn new things and I am not afraid to try new things.Self learning gives me a confidence that I don’t need a teacher to learn new things I can be teacher of my self.

Planing to apply this lesson beyond Amal fellowship?

Now that I’ve become the self learner and I am planning to become a #lifelonglearner means I’ll try to learn new things on my own for the lifetime because that’s the whole purpose behind this lesson.

Continuously Learning(it’s an ongoing process)
Becoming a #Lifelonglearner