Tips to reduce the amount of caffeine.

Are you addicted to coffee? If you answered yes here is tips to help you to reduce it.

🔹Learn how to wake up without coffee.

You can replacement a cup of coffee with a cup of water every morning. In addition to that, morning exercises is a great way to recover from sleep becouse it can give you energy and boosts your brain power so it’s a good solution than drinking caffeine every morning.

🔹Choose a replacement beverage.

Start to drink green or black tea because these drinks contain less caffeine than coffee. For example, green tea contains three times less caffeine than coffee and some kind of teas provide antioxidants and vitamin.

🔹Change your routine.

Try your best to having your last coffee earlier in the day for example drink your final coffee at 6 pm. Mix up your routine a bit to loosen coffee's effect by playing football or walking with friends and having a fruit juice.

I created a infographic that will tell you how much caffeine in different kind of beverage and you can compare them with coffee.

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