What Technology leaves Christmas- or vice versa

¿What comes first? ¿Our stories change and it is manifested by technology or daily coexistence with technology changes the way we see things?

It’s not worth debating which came first, the chicken or the egg, because both insights are true. As a society we evolve and technology exponentially multiplies these changes and mirrors them. A symbiotic relationship.

Now that Christmas is behind us, as well as the arrival of the dear Three Wise Men, here I put forth 3 observations that I have been thinking of for a while about how our occidental Christmas rituals are shaped by our access to information and by the interaction that allows digital progress.

The story of Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men. These magical characters have brought us gifts year after year since always. The expectation and the happiness that they produce leave parents and children without sleep the night of the 24th of December. Now, kids have more access to information ¿how will the stories that we tell about our magical Christmas benefactors change? How will the rituals be and how will the future image of santa clause and the three wise men be in 25 years? I don’t want to go into detail in an attempt to maintain the magic, but many will understand the implications.

The better comprehension of what our children want. The use of technology, supervised and advised by parents, is beginning in the middle class of our society at age 9 or 10. Children don’t only play and learn but they are also shaping and updating their likes. This digital interaction represents a great creative space that parents can take advantage of to understand and comprehend their children’s interests. It’s not trivial what YouTube videos they consume, this shows what they care about and what they are exposed to. It is a golden opportunity to better understand the kids at home, and so, be able to better the gifts; nurturing and inspiring gifts that will help them to be better persons.

Instantaneous rituals. Elfster has helped us to have easy and efficient gift exchanges (secret santa) for many years now. Everybody registers, they clearly put down what they want to receive as a present and the website combines the friends so that each one has its pair. ¿How about a similar tool to organize the Mexican posadas, dinners with friends, the Christmas budget estimate? The essence of humanity (solidarity, friendship, affection, connection) taken to their maximum potential by technology.

Three observations of an extensive subject. How exciting to keep being witnesses of each surprise, each innovation, and each wonder that displays before our eyes. Happy new year.

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