“Your ‘life style’ is not something to be spread around with the world!”

Me and my dog Max in the backyard

A very good friend of mine once told me:

“Good for you, that you are living your life, but, you know, your “life style” is not something to be spread around with the world!”

Even though I do not question my friend’s intentions (because I believe she was trying to protect me), that conversation has stayed with me for over 3 years.

What’s there not to share? 
How much I love my family?
How lucky we are to live this life together?
How proud I am of myself for having the strength and the conviction of following every single dream I’ve had?
How thankful I am every single day?

And what does “life style” even mean? Is that a way to separate brave people that go after their happiness first, before pleasing others fearful of what “society” will think?

I wouldn’t trade one single thing in my journey. My life is absolutely perfect the way it is. There have been tough lessons, heart-aches, confusing times, but also a lot of support, love, and joy.

The future continues to be an exciting place for me to keep going, to live in the present, to stay focused on the lessons, to learn and grow a little every day, to love, to forgive, to compete, to give everything I’ve got and to receive with an open heart.

I tell you now: Before listening to “good-hearted” advice, pay attention to your feelings and thoughts. Listen to yourself first!

What holds your happiness and peace of mind?

The biggest commitment I have in life is with myself, to make ME happy. I have realized that a happier me stays right here, with you, now.

Go enjoy your life now and BE PROUD of what you create.

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