Teens want to make money! It’s time for Change! Happy New Year!

Teens need work! You need employees! Lower the age for teens to become employees in your places. Some places want teens to be 18 or 16. Too late! They are lazy by then. They have to leave for college. Working papers make it so difficult! 14 year olds are in HS and eager to make money.

Government — Let parents manage their kids! Let employers be responsible with teen’s other obligations when discussed. Let teens learn to say No or I quit! It’s a win! Win! Treat teens like they they are adults! Pay them like they matter. Bonuses and treats are great incentives.

Do you remember being a teen? Do you remember willing to shovel a driveway; mow a lawn or babysit for a few extra dollars?

Teens today like money and need it more than we did! Teens today go out to eat more than we did. Both parents have careers now leaving teens alone and bored more. They “Need” new phones every time a new one comes out with a better camera. Teens want nice cars and expensive game systems. Parents want to teach responsibility, time management and the value of money. Teach! Let them take responsibility! Parents let your teens work and manage their time if you don’t want them to flunk out of college. My kids got better grades when they worked, did sports and studied.

Employers lower the age! 14 year olds want to work! When I was young and my first Dad died. I wanted to work. I went to work for a great lady at the beautiful Tri County Flea Market in Smithtown, New York. I started out at Andy’s Corner selling sweat shirts with great sayings on them for 2 holiday seasons. I worked many hours and I survived. I worked when we were off from school. I had a great time and learned so much from Andy. I learned how to fold properly, stack clothes, greet customers and give discounts for multiple shirts. After that, I sold suitcases with wheels on them and did demonstrations with them. I would say, “Look, it’s like walking your dog.” Boy that was ages ago. Lol

My friends walked around shopping and eating pizza. Some smoked pot or drank when bored. They sat around. I worked. I went to college… many of them did not. They lived on Long Island. They had money.

Let teens work! Teach them now …not after they get lazy. My kids worked during their younger years and are successful for it now. Do not take away their silver spoons. Give them your love, time, nice meals out, great presents and awesome family vacations — together — but let them grow! They can teach swim lessons, babysit, shovel snow, work in Starbucks and the mall if those stores make it easier.

I look forward to seeing your teens working and greeting us with smiles. Adults need to see happy people — teens out there to make our days brighter. Life is as hard as we make it!




Producer/Host of Teen Say Producer Doctor Libby’s World of Medicine Syndicated Teen Columnist Life Coach/Teacher/Paralegal Teen Say -YouTube, FPA & FCPS

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Mariann DiMattinaGonzalez

Mariann DiMattinaGonzalez

Producer/Host of Teen Say Producer Doctor Libby’s World of Medicine Syndicated Teen Columnist Life Coach/Teacher/Paralegal Teen Say -YouTube, FPA & FCPS

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