History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump
Tobias Stone

That was really depressing. I will throw this out there for you though. Isn’t it conceivable that we can collectively learn to be less violent and to live together peacefully? I would argue that we humans do learn from our mistakes and we do things differently based on experience.

It is just like an individual, take myself for example, sometimes I make the same stupid mistake over and over, but then one day I realize, oh shit, I’ve seen this pattern before, I better examine myself and take measures not to go there again. Humans can manage this together if we made up our minds to make peace a priority.

Maybe we aren’t on the verge of WWIII, maybe we are on the verge of evolving, perhaps we need a bigger, better 60’s love movement where we stop hate, greed and fear from ruining everything and we do this Gandhi-style.

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