Found and lost

His life was dull and dreary

His days long and weary

Until the moment his baby girl walked in his life

Within an instant he knew this girl was unlike anyone else

Her laugh, her smile, her zest and guile powered his sense of self

Finally, he had found the one and they were beyond content with no strife

Floating on endless clouds as far as one could see

He gushed to all who would dare to listen to him speak

Of her beauty, her intelligence and style

She loved him despite his lack of money and his flaws

Each night he was privileged to lay with her and she conceded to his claws

The looks exchanged spoke a thousand words in silence a bond still gentile

Until one day he changed — the demons from his past

He could no longer bear the thoughts, and he failed her in a flash

Slowly at first, the pace quickened as his soul was on trial

It stirred within her an anger that he was so blind to he ignored

But she was a good girl, and stayed until she could take no more

All alone now, his head hung low and immobile

Until he heard the silence and realized no one was looking back

His demons had beaten him down, but now he was on the attack

Standing strong now, his demons wavered and vanished into thin air

Much like her, who could no longer be reached

Two souls shattered, mangled and tattered

He pleaded with her that she was all that mattered

I’ve changed, I’ve won, my heart cannot bear this he beseeched

But her heart was broken as well

She was too scared to climb that high again and be felled

He tried not to panic, so much was at stake

But alas he failed again, his conscious wracked with guilt

He must not give up his hopes and dreams or fall upon his hilt

So now he is determined to prove his worth even as his heart aches

A lifetime spent on finding her, and another to win her back if that’s what it takes

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