Make My Special Earrings!

Pink Flowers

I started my search for beautiful earrings. I went to Amazon, and other prominent services, and I found nothing that scent my yearnings. Right then I deciding I would make my owned! So I found my Pink Flowers earrings on ArtsyPaints on She has other sites but this one is included in this website. I found it after looking forever! During my order I got two Pink Flowers two posts and two backings, but I finally got them! You will also need two cotton swabs and Gorilla Glue. 
I took the backs of my Pink Flowers, and I took a little glue on my cotton swab put my glue on that way. I found it saved the time of getting the extra glue off. I let them dry overnight. And Wa La. I found one pair of my favorite earrings! Pink Flowers! It comes in other colors, Blue and Orange or any color you like. It my favorite earrings for now! You will find you can buy them for $9.95. Or they can be a special gift for a good friend! Bye, Marie!