Going Forward

Dear Family:

I wrote this article on 11/7 and sent it to several people I considered “family” to put closure on my election activism.

I really did mean that I was done with my research, daily activist tweet strings and aggressive confrontation of the Propaganda our Country has been slowly divided by over the last thirty years starting with the inception of #Foxnews and #CouncilForNationaPolicy. But I was called back in. Since 11/7. I have been accused by two “family” members of “being hateful,” “calling people names,” “not being civil,” and “not being willing to hear both sides.”

Here is the truth about me:

1. The both sides argument is #Russian and #AltRightWing Propaganda. It is based on a false accusation that Liberals are responsible for destroying the lives of these Right wing white men when economy failed and then refusing to listen to them. This is a Victim position. All of us are victims. AND none of us are victims. The Racist and Bigoted white nationalist push depends on White Men and Women buying this hype. It is just plain and simple NOT TRUE.

2. Our country is under attack from foreign and domestic agents who wish to destroy our beautiful way of life, install kleptocracy, autocracy and theocracy into our system and consolidate power to keep it that way forever. This conclusion is well researched, based on fact and is not my opinion or perception. If you don’t understand this, you are not listening to the experts and the least biased media. If you refuse to do that, and you want to troll me with your vitriolic unexamined Propaganda, I am not available.

3. I have MANY FRIENDS from all political persuasions. #GOPVoteBlue. What I don’t have are friends who support #DonaldTrump or #CompromisedTrumpRepublicans given where they have led this Country the last two years. No conservative agenda is worth what this Regime has put us through.

4. We currently have a compromised Federal Government which is consolidating power every day. The executive and Judicial branches are compromised. The #USSupremeCourt now has five biased and Alt Right extreme partisan hacks on it, we have destroyed ACA, goven the Kleptocrats their greedy tax cuts and destroyed our sane immigration process Changes needed to be made to all of it, but by destroying our economy, protections and social fabric. This has has left us MORE vulnerable to hostile foreign powers as Putin planned. Now the criminals in charge will work very hard to protect thmselves rather than our Country. They don’t call us a democracy any longer. They call us a Republic ALA VladimirPutin. This will take us years to clean up, but once we have our legislatures back to balanced, we can get started. #HouseofRepresentatives power is now balanced but I suspect there will still be lots of shenanigans by the corrupt #GOP. Do not listen to what the say. Watch what they do. The #Senate still has FOUR election results to weed through because of #Republican cheating. They probably won’t be decided until December but we must not allow the compromised SCOTUS to decide for corruption. I am hopeful the recounts will end with seating democrat senators which will balance power in the Senate. Then and only then can the legislative branch of government get back to “working across the isle to representing THE PEOPLE, ALL OF THEM, NOT JUST THE ALT RIGHT and the corrupt.

5. We were attacked by domestic and hostile foreign powers in at least our last two elections (probably more) and they will continue to attack if we do not stop them). They could not have done what they did without help from inside. My conclusion is there is treason involved (again well sourced but not proven). We just have to find out whether, who and when. That is #RobertMueller’s job. He must be left alone to complete his investigation. He should be appointed #IndependentCounsel now like #KenStarr was for the Clinton trials. Why does this seem like a non-issue for Republicans? Because they are protecting themselves and not the Country.

It has taken me days to get to the point where I will no longer be answering tweets, posts, emails or messages from Trump supporting or corrupt Trump republican supporting TROLLS. Now I can really move on!



I wish you all a happy holidays.

I will be going back and forth to and from the River in Yuma from now until January, then I will be working there until June to teach Yoga Teacher Training classes.

Because I love you all very much, once a month I am going to send you an email giving you my assessment of politics and things that are going on in my life. I will understand if you chose not respond in a positive way, read, delete or hate me for doing it, but please do not try to silence me or criticize me for doing what I must do. Also I would appreciate no responses countering my information. If you would like to send me some referenced, researched information from your perspective I will be happy to read it. Also, please do not ask me not to send them to you. IF you don’t want to read them, just push the delete button. It won’t offend me at all.

And of course you do not have to follow my rules, just know that if you send me emails criticizing me, judging me or defining me personally in some way, unreferenced arguments or arguments that seem filtered through a russian propaganda lense that do not make sense to me in context of the Resistance to the Fascist Trump Regime, I will use it for Medium Posts so that my resistance friends can learn from my experience. I now have 1,175 of them on twitter, some of them @GOPVoteBlue members. I will start a new feed each month some time during the first week.

We define fascism by a series of behaviors, so I am not arbitrarily calling anyone names. You are my family members and I feel an obligation to continue to let you know what I see in our Country.

We define gaslight by certain behaviors

I my case, victims are those 1/2 of the USA Citizens who are worried about the direction of our Country and are willing to speak up about it at great risk to our own lives. We are being vulnerable, not hateful. We are Angry, not hateful. Daily we forgive ourselves for reacting and we forgive those who are not on board with us for stonewalling us. We feel the above descriptions every day and have to work our way through it every day by using self calming and self realization strategies so we don’t fall into the trance like the German’s did under Hitler.

Russian Propaganda is defined as:

On the media stations we call “state media,” @foxnews @wearesinclair and from Republican politicians and pundits @Newt Gingrich @LouDobbs @MikeHuckabee @RushLimbaugh @GOP @RNC @SenateGOP @HouseGOP @Cabinet @RealDonaldTrump @MikePenceVP This is all we hear every day.

Unfortunately we must define a few more words that are behaviorally operative right now.

I am being vulnerable here by reconnecting and trying one last time to explain my position. I am not interested in being right or wrong. I am just trying to raise awareness of the danger we are in as it is difficult to see what with all the confusing messages.

I found this article, an opinion piece by a right wing journalist from July

“The lack of acknowledgement of actual scandals that were investigated by Congress perfectly encapsulated how the vast majority of the media would not challenge Obama and had a bit too much of a cozy relationship with him. There is nothing wrong with the White House press corps being friendly with a president or his aides (these things happen, especially since they are in constant contact with one another), but it crosses a line of journalistic integrity when that relationship impacts reporters’ ability to provide objective coverage and challenge assertions made by an administration. They rightly hold Donald Trump to account — though some do so with a bit too much zeal.”

This attempt at comparing a healthy and friendly relationship of journalists to Obama with what is happening now with this leader is a tactic called “False Equivalency.”

It vaguely suggest that Obama’s relationship caused the alt right wing conservative distrust of the media which is untrue. The constant berating by propaganda pushers of various ilk for the last many years is what has caused distrust.


As you probably know a journalist was accused by the Regime of assaulting a WH Staffer. When you watch the video however, no such thing occurred.

And yet here is how “The Western Journal” an alt right wing mixed factual and highly biased media


Reports it


Unfortunately we must define a few words that are behaviorally operative right now.

I know it is alarming to many for me to make Hitler comparisons, but they are everywhere. If we fail to call them out (and the Regime has silenced us from doing just that a few years), then we have high potential to fall into the very same trap Germany did.

Bigotry: intolerance toward those holding different opinions or those belonging to certain groups.

Racism: discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another.

Sexism: prejudice or discrimination based on a person’s sex or gender.

Why does the resistance to extremism and conservative rule not fall into these categories? Because we are fighting against the idea that there is ONLY one group of people who should be IN CHARGE of the rest of us. The one group who wants to be in charge are in full display of they biases and prejudices above. They charge us with bias against them. This is a gaslighting tactic and is part of the psychological warfare from the Russian Hybrid Warfare playbook.

Today Trump fomented hatred against a journalist by falsely reporting an event at the WH which was then repeated on alt right media again and again to further excite and inflame his base. Several journalists have already died. All of them receive death threats on a daily basis. And there was a mass shooting in California last night. These things are all related.

Also yesterday he made yet another consolidation of power by firing sessions and replacing him with a loyalist who has the ability to squash all investigations afoot to hold him accountable for his many crimes. Did you watch his speech yesterday? WOW.

There are not two sides to this issue. These are not opinions, they are facts. The assumptions made are historical and factual. AND MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WILL TAKE THE STREETS TODAY 12/8/2028 AT 5:00pm WHO ARE WORRIED, just like me.


I understand all republicans are not supporting Trump but I do believe most do not understand the level of danger we are in.

PS I am calm, peaceful and focused.

Sincerely, Marie Louise

Be Well, Know You Are Blessed and Be Joyous