History of the downfall of Democracy in the West:

1854 The Republican Party, founded to stop slavery from spreading into the western territories. By 1860, the southern states were publicly threatening secession is a republican was elected. In 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected as an anti-slavery president and within a year six southern states had seceded and the Civil War began. After the civil war, Republicans lost control of the south but continued to dominate the presidency until 1933 when Franklin Roosevelt was elected,

1896-A reversal began between Republican Populists and Democratic Globalists.

1901-Theodore Roosevelt, a Republican Globalist and Liberal took office in 1901. He “supported a ‘Square Deal’ for working families. He broke up monopolistic trusts of rich corporations. He championed pure food and drugs. He created national parks and forests for the enjoyment of everyone. He won the 1906 Nobel Peace Prize for helping end war between Russia and Japan.” And so began the ping ponging back and forth between left and right leaning rule. In my opinion this is when chaos began to ensue.

1915-West Point Graduate Dwight Eisenhower was denied a request to work in Europe during Wold War I, but in World War II he took a role as Army Chief of Staff and was present for the invasion of North Africa and Italy. He entered the race as President in 1952 but was defeated by Taft and was elected President in 1956. Eisenhower was a moderate Republican who continued the “New Deal” and expanded Social Security (this is why my parents loved him).

November 1, 1955 to April 1975-The Vietnam War, also known as the Second Indochina War, and in Vietnam as the Resistance War Against America or simply the American War, was a conflict that occurred in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. U.S. involvement ending in 1973. Wikipedia

January 1961 John Fitzgerald Kennedy, a Catholic Globalist Liberal was elected in 1961 and by 1963 was assassinated by the Russians and the Republicans. Texan, and Vice President Lyndon Johnson finished Kennedy’s term and was elected to a second term.

1968 As Johnson was attempting to decide whether to run for a second term, Richard Nixon secretly sabotaged his bid lengthening US involvement in the unpopular Vietnam War, and johnson ended up announcing he would not run. #BagMan.

November 1968 to January 1974-Richard Nixon engages in one of the most corrupt presidencies every known to the USA. When Spiro Agnew was forced to resign as Vice, Gerald Ford replace him. Richard Nixon was then forced to resign for be indicted and finished out Nixon’s term.

Then, Jimmy Carter-democrat

1981 Council for National Policy an alt right wing “think tank” which ultimately was a planning space where the Treason Coalition would come together to discuss the process of dissolution of the democracy of the USA.

November 1991-Ronald Reagan is president, he calls for the destruction of the Berlin Wall. This frightens Vladimir Putin beyond belief and he feels betrayed by Gorbachev and “The West” as his country falls into chaos and USA offered no assistance in regroup. Putin was mortified and vowed to “get even with the USA.”

1996 FOX News was founded by a dual citizen Rupert Murdock and Sheldon Adelson led the “news” team in their assault against the liberals and democrats which was merciless (the Supreme Court allowed it as well as passing a bill that would make a corporation equal to a voter in power). Starting about now, the Republican Party began to define their base as the Extreme Right Wing Gun Advocate Abortion Abolitionist Church Going “Christian Right that Barry Goldwater of Arizona warned us all about.

Corrupt Bush and Bush Jr Presidency, all ridden with secrecy. The only reason the Bush’s are not included in the list of corrupt presidents and cabinets above is because of the secrecy

Clinton Administration riddled with manufactured scandal.

Breath of Fresh Air Obama Administration, but sabotaged deeply by Leader McConnell and senate and house republicans.

December 21, 2018-February 23, 2019

Following two years of the Chaotic and destructive Donald J Trump Crime Family and Crime Syndicate installation into the Presidency and White House (with a Christian/Catholic Coalition led by Mike Pence, a Billionaire Coalition led by the Koch Brothers which had compromised the Republican Party from as early as Nixon (and had also been compromised by the Russians), the National Rifle Association led by Wayne LaPierre (which unbeknownst to citizens had also been compromised by Russia) and a Violence Coalition led by Ku Klux Klan, John Birch Society and Neo Nazis all working together, United States of America Descends in Fascist Theocratic Kleptocratic Autocracy With Trump Family Dynasty as New Royal Family. A Twitter Journal! Not Satire! The Coalition Conspiracy included many decades of corruption in election fraud, secrecy and a dumbing down of republican candidates led by Newt Gingrich, with the candidates all having something to hide so they would be more easily manipulated by the Billionaires and the Russians.

12/25/2018 Tweet











ALL INSTITUTIONALIZED BIGOTRY fighting so hard to hold on to power. It is the FEAR of becoming insignificant, being annihilated, experiencing death of their enormous EGO. Outrage generators are necessary in a fascist coup in order to maintain instability in the populace and to define target populations (women, children, immigrants, young boys who are not white).

The bigotry got worse and worse under republican presidents with Fox News feeding the frenzy of the ignorant racists which Donald J Trump vowed he could fool if he ran for President. The violence, bigotry and hatred are all about to get much worse in every way.

We will see more gaslighting:

Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in members of a targeted group, making them question their own memory, perception, and sanity. Wikipedia

We will see more False Equivalency:

False equivalence is a logical fallacy in which two completely opposing arguments appear to be logically equivalent when in fact they are not. This fallacy is categorized as a fallacy of inconsistency. Wikipedia

We will see more Russian Hybrid Warfare:

We will see more violence and hatred from the ignorant racist base of Donald J Trump which some people believe may be made up of Russian Nationals who have been given asylum in the USA easily and in large numbers.

December 21, 2018

“On Saturday afternoon, President Trump hosted a small group of GOP lawmakers at the White House, but they were unable to reach a consensus. Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Richard Shelby vied for a spending deal that accounted for $1.6 billion of border wall funding. But the House Freedom Caucus, led by Mark Meadows, refused to accept that Democrat-approved number, pushing for something closer to the $5 billion Trump has demanded. [the instigation of this shutdown was a Fox News display of disapproval by unelected pundits, Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh.]

In a Sunday appearance on CNN’s State of the Union, retiring Tennessee senator Bob Corker expressed his skepticism of the Trump-led shutdown: “This is a made-up fight, so the president can look like he’s fighting, but even if he wins, our borders are going to be insecure … The whole thing is juvenile.” The president didn’t respond well to Corker’s opinion, claiming on Twitter that the senator was responsible for the Iran deal — despite voting against it — and that Corker chose to retire because he could not win without Trump’s endorsement.”

Donald J Trump continues to pander to his small minority extremist base at the direction of Putin and Fox News while putting the USA and it’s citizens in danger. This is the day that Mick Mulvaney appeared on every “news” network to say that the “shutdown will last a long time,” not stating that fact was dependent on whether Democrats conceded the money for the wall. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are forced to attend meetings where Trump bullied, stormed around, threatened and ultimately walked out throwing papers down. Many of us understand this as a way of reducing the threat of the FBI and the Democratic House in terms of investigations and marginalizing the Federal Government by reducing the number of employees long term.

December 22, 2018

Message from White House to furloughed employees: “Lapse-affected employees include ‘furloughed employees’ and ‘excepted employees.’ ‘Excepted employees’ may perform activities legally permitted as an exception to the general bar on performing work during a lapse in appropriations work, but may not be paid for that work until after the lapse is over. In other words, some of you are essential employees and have to keep workings but the Federal Government is not going to pay you starting December 22, 2019. Merry Christmas.

December 23, 2018

Freedom Caucasus (Koch Brothers and Russian Compromised Representative-He has been to Russia) Mark Meadows advised the press with propaganda today indicating the it is Nancy Pelosi who is “being difficult and driving the negotiations over the shutdown.” He demonizes the democrats as usual in a blame shifting move to convince the media and the citizens this is a legitimate shut down and a legitimate request of Trump for the money (without every having submitted a proposal or official request for the appropriations).

“I can tell you based on conversations I have had as recently as this morning, it seems like Nancy Pelosi is actually the minority leader in the Senate.” Tim Hans, RealClearPolitics

“This is all about trying to make sure Donald Trump does not secure the border,” he said about the Democrats.

December 24, 2018

CSPAN takes calls related to the government shutdown. An unpopular event which most blame on the Republicans and the Trump Administration.

December 25-26, 2018

The Pope, The Dalai Lama, The Queen of England all weighed in on Christmas Day encouraging the world to work together in Unity and come together to heal our divisions. Meanwhile, Fox News stoked division by continuing its Democrat blaming rhetoric over shut down and inciting fear by talking about caravans at the southern border which are non-existent. Meanwhile, Trump makes a Christmas visit to Iraq and bring campaign paraphernalia which some officers are seen wearing in the media images. On Christmas Day, Trump tweets trying to invoke sympathy from his base that he is “all alone at the White House.”

December 28, 2018

@LindseyGrahamSC Announces “No Wall Money, No Immigration Deal” to reopen the government, closed for one week while the democrats begin to take a stand against the corrupt regime.

I have watched these small minded @RaptureRepublicans puff themselves up like puffer fish, lie their asses off and exaggerate their importance all day today.

December 29, 2018

Today I emailed my family that the EPA was going unfunded and had implemented an emergency plan because 14,000 of its employees were furloughed leaving parks and federal lands not care for and unprotected.

December 30, 2019

Trump starts his propaganda tweet campaign in earnest to shift blame for the shut down to democrats. The public is not buying it. Many news pundits plead with democrats to do something to end the shutdown without insisting to the Republicans they should find a way to work with democrats.

December 31, 2018

Today the Democrats begin making proposals to the Republicans and Trump to end the shutdown not including wall for funding and agree to begin to engage in a full debate about immigration reform once the government is reopened. These offers are roundly rejected and Republicans refuse to bring the proposals to the floor for a vote. Instead, Trump goes on Fox News for an interview and bashes democrats and spews propaganda about a non-existent crisis is Justice Department refuses to support.

January 1, 2019

Trump tweets at 6:05 am “HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE, INCLUDING THE HATERS AND THE FAKE NEWS MEDIA! 2019 WILL BE A FANTASTIC YEAR FOR THOSE NOT SUFFERING FROM TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME. JUST CALM DOWN AND ENJOY THE RIDE, GREAT THINGS ARE HAPPENING FOR OUR COUNTRY!” Those of us who do not support Trump understand this as a threat to our safety. Basically he is saying, “there is nothing you can do to stop me now, so shut up and dribble.”

Trump tweets at 7:32 am “The Democrats, much as I suspected, have allocated no money for a new Wall. So imaginative! The problem is, without a Wall there can be no real Border Security — and our Country must finally have a Strong and Secure Southern Border!”

And the tweets continue demonizing and threatening people throughout the day.

January 2, 2019

Trump tweets 5:07pm: “Important meeting today on Border Security with Republican and Democrat Leaders in Congress. Both parties must work together to pass a Funding Bill that protects this Nation and its people — this is the first and most important duty of government I remain ready and willing to work with Democrats to pass a bill that secures our borders, supports the agents and officers on the ground, and keeps America Safe. Let’s get it done!” Trump tweets this after the meeting where he threw his papers down and stormed out not mentioning that there is a bill which has bipartisan support from both house and senate passed unanimously before the holidays which Trump refused to sign and then shut the government down over.

January 3, 2019

Today, “Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said on Fox News:

“If he (Trump) gives in now, that’s the end of 2019, in terms of him being an effective president,” Graham told Sean Hannity, USA Today reported. “That’s probably the end of his presidency,” he added. As if that has more importance that the 800,000 people who are currently furloughed with out pay, some still working despite no reimbursement.

January 4, 2019

Today Trump threatened to call a National Emergency to force past legislative branch of government (the representative of the citizens who roundly do not want a wall) to get his money and end the negotiation. He threatens this several times over he next few days.

The shutdown begins appearing on the National Stage as an issue for other countries.

January 5, 2019

The clarity of the intention of the TrumpMcConnellGOP shutdown begins to reveal itself as Trump begins to threaten to keep the government shut down indefinitely.

January 6, 2019

Today Trump announced that the citizens will be forced to endure another of his racist bigoted screeds on National Media to spread propaganda to support his extortion effort for money for a southern border wall.

January 7, 2019

Following weeks of hearing propaganda about the “immigration crisis at the Southern Border which was being pushed by Russians, Fox News, Sinclair Broadcasting, Republican legislators and the Trump Regime, the Justice Department announces it cannot stand behind its office report which indicated there was a “Crisis a the Southern Border.”

Mike Pompeo is set to deliver a speech rebuking our last President and supporting Saudi Arabia:

Ashton Pittman says in a tweet:

“No one can terrorize a whole nation, unless we are all his accomplices.”

— legendary broadcast journalist Edward R. Murrow, who helped take down Joseph McCarthy

Tomorrow, Trump will tell Americans to fear immigrants. The networks shouldn’t assist him. #BoycottTrumpsAddress

January 8. 2019

The shutdown toll begins to reveal itself:

We learn that Sex Trafficking victims were recruited at Mar A Lago (Trump Southern White House).

We learn that while 800,000 Federal Employees are going unpaid, Trump is giving his Cabinet Members and Annual Bonus of $10,000 each with our Taxpayer dollars. GOP does nothing to stop this.On December 29, I started researching and writing an article on the decline of the Republican Party. I was dismayed by some of the information I had come across recently in how they suppress facts and stage coverups in order to not be held accountable for their corruption. Today I reposted this article on Twitter as I was feeling quite upset about the number of people being hurt by the TrumpMcConnellGOP Shutdown.

Also, today I begin confronting the media for airing the shutdown as a “two equal sides” issue. This is a habit the media engages in (either purposefully or accidentally) to assist the Authoritarian regime trying to take permanent control of our government in their resets of normal. In a reset, you clear the “data” and “drama” of the recent past by Gaslighting (form of psychological manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in members of a targeted group, making them question their own memory, perception, and sanity. Wikipedia) broadly on the media and then move on to the next phase of the coup process. Here I have watched Andrea Mitchell do just that:

mitchellreports Dear Andrea. This is not an issue where two side exist. POTUS and GOP are extorting a wall no one wants and the country does not need. POTUS is grafting the country as he doubles down on his Fascist overthrow of our democracy on behalf of KremlinRussia_E. In Speaker Pelosi own words, the president does not believe he needs a congress at all and he is undermining the exitence of the congress. Trump is consolidating his power and will complete the coup for Putin soon. If media won’t understanding this we are done. Mitch Mcconnell is facilitating this destruction as is freedom caucus (for the Koch Brothers), GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy, Senator Lindsey GrahamSC, Mick Mulvaney, OMB and GOP. There are not two sides. Again, Michael Steele tweets that “the president is destroying the congress and republicans are going along with the plan.” Abuse of Power in the USA is destroying our country. The abuse is based on a distorted view of the constitution, provable lies and distortions, propaganda, and manipulative tactics that are then repeated again and again by media without challenge most of the time.

Nicolle Wallace says the Republicans gave Trump a sound rebuke when three of them spoke against his shutdown.

@NicolleDWallace Three Republican Senators disagreeing with a corrupt president is NOT A SOUND REBUKE. Give up your efforts to shine up the republican GOP they have been corrupt since the inception of their party

There is this think Republicans and their pundits have gotten really good at. Here I write about this “shinning” process.

Many Resistance Members weigh in saying they will not watch the Trump Screed on television. Nancy Pelosi announces she and Chuck Schumer speak after Trump speaks. Many Resistance Members weigh in requesting Media not show the screed. Media go to White House to meet with Trump and decide to show it on every channel.

Joint @SpeakerPelosi/@SenSchumer Statement:

“Now that the television networks have decided to air the President’s address, which if his past statements are any indication will be full of malice and misinformation, Democrats must immediately be given equal airtime.”

Zoe Tillman reveals on twitter that:

BREAKING: Natalya Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer involved in the 2016 Trump Tower meeting, has been charged with obstruction re: the Prevezon civil money laundering/forfeiture case. Unsealed indictment:… Case brought by US attorney’s office in SDNY

Big Day!

January 9, 2019

Citizens already reeling from Tariff Wars of the Trump Regime are now impacted by the shutdown and may never recover

Trump fund raises off the Border Wall

Conservative Columnist list all the times Trump’s Border Wall could have been funded but GOP failed to fund it.

The corrupt William Barr hearings started today. He evades, lies and minimizes but does not answer democrats questions.

Trump tries and fails to meet with Democrats, storms out of office

Adam Rifkin Tweets:

2019 Congress should investigate:

🍄 Tear gassing children

🍄 2819 kids forcibly separated from families

🍄 15,000 children in US custody

🍄 ICE agents sexually abusing people

🍄 Border Patrol dumping out drinking water


Rod Rosenstein is reported to be leaving he FBI

Governors begin to “talk” to Trump about his extortion shutdown

A school resource officer of an elementary school who was given a gun to protect the children from mass shootings leaves the gun in the children’s bathroom.

The shutdowns economic damage is estimated at $1 Million per week.

And today with our tax dollars, White House Counsel hires SEVENTEEN new defense lawyers for Trump, one for each investigation.

January 10, 2019

Today we learn how many contacts with Russians Trumps team had during his campaign. OVER ONE HUNDRED

Considering the level of Racist and Bigoted rhetoric going on right now, I decide I need to read Howard Zion’s A people’s history of the United States.

I am quite exhausted and finding myself feeling discouraged and sad. I write a poem for my twitter friends:

Lay down on that pier under the cherry blossom tree

Drink in the purple atmosphere

Allow the serenity to permeate every cell in your body

Then rise and move forward

I watch The Good Place and am reminded how frustrated I get with Attorneys over their slow methodical methods:

Michael goes to the head of the good place, a committee. He asks for help because the bad place is fixing the accounting so that the good people to the bad place (or so he believes).

Committee: “It is time to take decisive action.”

Michael: “Oh, thank heaven.”

Committee Head: “We are going to fast track this. It will only take 400 years to form the committee.”

Michael: “I am a little disappointed, I thought we could do something like NOW.”

Committee Member: “Michael, we are the Good Place, we can not just DO things. Their are rules.”

Committee Head: “Upon formation, the investigative team will form a blue ribbon commissions to investigate themselves to rule out conflict of interest. That will take 1000 years.”

Michael: “So you know while you are doing this, the bad guys are torturing everyone.”

Committee Member: “That deeply concerns us, we are taking this very seriously. Have you seen the memo we wrote each other about how concerned we are?

Michael: The Titanic is sinking and you are writing a carefully worded letter to the iceberg!”

Michael eventually discovers that his theory is wrong and the accounting is not incorrect.

Michael: “Every day the world gets a little more complicated and it is much harder to be a good person so no one is making it to the Good Place anymore.”

I voice my concern loudly again and again

WHAT IS WRONG WITH US THAT WE CANNOT RESOLVE THIS EXTORTION BY A CORRUPT PRESIDENT AND PARTY? @SenateDems @HouseDemocrats @FBI @ODNIgov @CIA can we not go to a different process which will bypass the corrupt republicans? They are using our system against us!

We find out air traffic control workers are working short staffed and without pay:

My suggestion:












Economic experts begin predicting 2020 crash

Today we hear that the FBI opened an investigation shortly after Trump fired Comey about whether Trump was working for Russia and Putin

Russian Artem Klyushin tweets to Donald Trump that it is time for RGB to rest:

Пришла пора выводить Рут Гинзбург из состава судей Верховного суда. Гинзбург, звезда либеральной юриспруденции, находится в Верховном суде уже 25 лет. Пора ей отдохнуть 👩🏻‍🎓 @realDonaldTrump

Jenny Cohn weighs in on twitter

This is terrifying. Klyushin has been posting what Trump should do over the past year, and Trump always seems to then do it. He’s now saying RGB needs to “rest.”

Barbara Malmet reminds us of the Trump Russia private meeting shortly after firing Comey in the Oval Office:

Let us remember the day after Donald fired James Comey, he felt relieved that the “Russia thing” was behind him. And we wouldn’t have even known about this little get together if it wasn’t reported by Russian press. A lot has happened in front is us. But so much we don’t know.

January 11, 2019

Republicans ignore looming Climate Catastrophe

Reality Winner, the initial leaker of the single document after election to the public is still in prison for espionage while white collar criminals are getting off Scott free.

If you have something nice to say to her, you can write her.

Today I am really worried about our Country so I tweet:

If our Country does not do something to stop this invasion by Russia, China and Saudia Arabia supported by @GOP @ccoalition @BILLIONAlRES we will not be having another election. MARK MY WORDS @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer @SenateDems @HouseDemocrats THIS IS NOT FUNNY OR CONSPIRACY.

Except with addresses which causes the Chinese Government to respond this way:

Then I tweet this:





If you don’t do something drastic to save our DEMOCRACY I am going to BLAME YOU AND DO EVERYTING I POSSIBLE CAN TO HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE.

I will consider you a traitor.

Which I then retweet over One Hundred and Fifty times in response to various tweets throughout the day. This is fear in motion.

January 13, 2019

And then another One Hundred and Fifty Times today.

Trump makes threats to Cohen, his previous lawyer and clean up man which Cohen takes seriously and so does the House of Representatives

Max Boot writes and article for the Washington Post today entitled

January 14, 2019

Amy Klobuchar tweets:

TRUMP DECLARES HE’LL ‘NEVER BACK DOWN’ IN SHUTDOWN FIGHT..This was the headline in the news while I’m on call w/rural & urban workers from home who are working w/out pay in air traffic control, airport security, prisons & FDA. Their message? President & McConnell #EndTheShutdown

Jeff Goodall warns us:

I begin a string of tweets out of frustration.


Which I then proceed to retweet hundreds of times over the next few days until twitter becomes suspicious.

January 15, 2019

I fixate on frustration with the Barr Hearings

@SenFeinstein @SenateDems @HouseDemocrats see what’s happening here. This corrupt “lawyer” @WB_BARR who already assisted coverup is coached by @GOP to give vague non-answers to get hearing over with. It’s embarrassing you show up for these sham hearings.

Theresa Mays Brexit Deal is roundly rejected and the Brits take a no confidence vote to oust her.

And today we learned that yesterday it was reported

I am now seeking closure which just won’t come


We all know what is going to be in the Mueller Report

  1. @POTUS @VP are Russian Operatives
  2. 2. @GOP also compromised by Russia
  3. 3. @ccoalition Evangelical “Old Testament Christians” base of coup
  4. 4. @BILLIONAlRES funded and demanded agenda
  5. 5. @NRA provided enforcement.
  6. Russia helped all of them

Nancy Pelosi weighs in on Federal Court blocking Trump Racist Citizenship question

January 16, 2019

I start my count down:

Day 26 of Sham Government Shutdown

Day 725 of @realDonaldTrump sham presidency

He fixed the @USSupremeCourt @uscourts

He fixed @GOP legislation

Today he is fixing @TheJusticeDept


@GOP are allowing the fix to cover their own asses

Citizens of USA are losing #MAGA

I listen again to Sarah Kenzior’s GaslightNation Podcast about “Comey Effect.”

And the good old Russia Compromised GOP Blocks Trumps bid to enforces sanctions on Deripaska

January 17, 2019

Cyber Security Experts Warn us about the risk in the time of the shutdown

Flournoy warns us that if Trump pulls out of NATO

“It would destroy 70-plus years of painstaking work across multiple administrations, Republican and Democratic, to create perhaps the most powerful and advantageous alliance and it would be the wildest success that Vladimir Putin could dream of.”

And I continue my countdown

Day 727 of sham @POTUS

Day. 27 of sham #TrumpMcConnellGOPShutdown staged to dismantle USA for Putin

Day 4 of Sham AG Hearings

More sham @USSupremeCourt @uscourts findings



Sitting in Denny’s in Yuma listening to @maddow my source of info on Trump Corruption while, in the background @FoxNews and their corrupt panel of pundits demonizes every liberal or democrat they can think of: It’s like #FreakyFriday #UpsideDown and #UnderWorld all at once.

January 18, 2019

I continue my countdown

Day 728 of with sham @POTUS

Day. 28 of the sham #TrumpMcConnellGOP Shutdown to dismantle USA for @KremlinRussia_E

More Sham @WB_BARR today

More Sham @USSupremeCourt hearings on Russia invasion

Anyone who could do something to stop Russia abdicated their responsibility.

Jenny Cohen reports

Now the New York Times reports that Trumps actions are worsening the humanitarian crisis he originally created at the Southern Border

Esquire Magazine posts an article calling Mitch McConnell the most loathsome creature

And Cliff Sims tells us that Trump keeps a list of enemies in his pocket, like Nixon did.

On a positive note, Foo Fighters are live streaming their pre super bowl concert

January 19, 2019

And I continue my countdown

Day 729 sham @POTUS Presidency

Day. 29 sham #TrumpMcConnellGOPShutdownDismantle

Day 15 @SpeakerPelosi #StandWithPelosi

Day 9 of Sham @WB_BARR AG Hearings.

Number 105 sham @realDonaldTrump fascist screed

Year 28 sham @USSupremeCourt corruption

Year 165 sham @GOP racism

Today we are told that Nancy Pelosi, fiercest woman in the World is racing to end citizens united

Nancy Pelosi is RACING to pass historic legislation to WRECK Citizens United. This is our DREAM! But we need 1 MILLION signatures to force Congress to act. Sign the petition NOW to CRUSH Citizens United. Sign the petition here:

And I tweet

It’s time for President Nancy Pelosi @SpeakerPelosi and Vice President @HillaryClinton to clean this up after these corrupt, bigoted, russia compromised men.

Install them NOW @FBI. It’s time to call the 2016 election illegitimate and cast out the cheaters, liars and criminals.

Poor David Gura makes the unforgivable sin of saying “both sides.”


And Ann Coulter continues to lie about immigration on Fox News

@AnnCoulter @FoxNews @WeAreSinclair #MAGA

I tweet to her: Congress mandated an electronic entry-exit system more than 20 years ago, but it has not been implemented because of objections from the tourism industry and other groups.” But because they want to disctract from their criminality-WALL.

And this happens:

Trump offers temporary solutions on two programs he is trying to destroy in a “negotiation” with democrats. I am furious.

Three years of DACA. Not a chance @POTUS



And creepy former Senator Vitter (sex scandals) gets involved

January 20, 2019

I tweet:

@FBI We who value our democracy do not care what Trump GOP base thinks anymore. You should not either. We need to prosecute this administration immediately. Anyone with Russia ties must leave office NOW Even democrats if there are any!

#Resistance #MAGA

After reading this

And I continue my countdown

Day 730 sham @POTUS Presidency

Day. 30 sham #TrumpMcConnellGOPShutdownDismantle

Day 16 @SpeakerPelosi #StandWithPelosi

Day 10 of Sham @WB_BARR AG Hearings.

Number 106 sham @realDonaldTrump fascist screed

Year 28 sham @USSupremeCourt corruption

Year 165 sham @GOP racism

We decide Ann Coulter has very long arms and she needs to stop telling our president what to do. She was not elected by the people, come to think of it neither was he!

Today it occurs to me this shut down is the completion of the Fifth Column Coup Malcolm Nance has been talking about for two years:

You can bet Russia, @BILLIONAlRES, Christians (the doom and gloom kind like @VP @SecPompeo @ccoalition and @GOP are celebrating, working hard to distract us from end of #FifthColumnCoup they have been planning for THIRTY years founded in faulty IDEOLOGY

And then I become aware of the gaslighting regarding Nathan, the Native American Vet who was abused by the teenagers from Covington High School. Trump invited the boys to lunch at the White House. Apparently they received PR help from a Trump/McConnell connected PR firm and they got the right talking points and now deny they did anything wrong.

Nancy Pelosi decides with the shutdown it is unsafe to have Trump give State of the Union speech in Chambers, cancels it. Trump fights back.

And I start tweeting this

There will not be a way out from this Shutdown. The furloughs are permanent. The @GOP @VP @POTUS @ccoalition @BILLIONAlRES are completing their #FifthColumnCoup

@SenateDems @HouseDemocrats @SpeakerPelosi INSTALL THE RIGHTFUL PRESIDENT NOW

I take a Kayak ride with the ducks

And come back to find this from Derek Cressman

My friend Cruella Devine sent this tweet

I tell the media

Get busy and stop expecting others to clean up your messes. @ABC @ABCPolitics @CBSNews @CBSPolitics @NBCNews @NBCPolitics @CNN @CNNPolitics @cnnbrk @AP @NPR @nprpolitics @FoxNews @WeAreSinclair @PBS @NewsHour @thehill @HuffPost @BuzzFeed @nytimes @washingtonpost @WSJ @nypost

Also we have for the most part had it with everybody turning to democrats to fix things when republicans break them and seem to get away scott-free by covering up their corruption & crimes which is going on RIGHT NOW. WHY ARE YOU NOT FOCUSING YOUR ATTENTION ON THAT?

I miss a day of my time line……

January 21, 2019

And on Martin Luther King Holiday Lori Saine a republican state legislator race bates and claims whites and blacks were lynched in equal numbers:

@lorisaine @ccoalition @GOP

From 1882–1968, >< 4,743 lynchings occurred in USA (not all were recorded). Of those lynched, 3,446 (73%) were black and 1,297 (27%) were white. Whites who were lynched were those who fought against your people who wanted slavery & lynching of blacks Wikipedia

You do not fit into the category of oppressed. Your people always have been the oppressor so you do not get to seek asylum. The oppressor always falsely believes he/she is oppressed. To claim whites are oppressed equal to blacks is not accurate. Facts matter. #MAGA #Resistance

EW Erickson a “Christian” writer reports

The left has decided anyone who wears a Make America Great Again cap is de facto racist. They don’t judge people based on the color of their skin, but on the color of their caps trading one bigotry for another.

I use this opportunity to educate him about bigotry

Honestly, I am listening to this now. The comparisons to what we are going through now in the world is just remarkable. The same bigot racist ignorant rigid greedy people who passed their faulty beliefs down one generation to another show up regularly to try to claim dominance.

It may seem so to you #MAGA #MAGA2020 #KAG2020 that this is so. Let me explain. If you are white or any color and you wear a red #MAGA after what we know about the corruption, criminal behavior and hateful actions of this illegitimate @POTUS @VP @Cabinet @GOP behavior identifies you as bigoted, racist, ignorant and rigid in your faulty beliefs.

BIGOT: a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions, believes his or her own beliefs are superior.

RACIST: a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a their own race is superior to others.

IGNORANT: a person lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated and unwilling to educate him or her self.

RIGID BELIEF: Rational Living Is not Compatible with rigid beliefs. Rigid Cognition includes persistent, obstinate, and absolutist beliefs and demands about oneself, the world, and/or other people.

And I continue my countdown

Day 731 sham @POTUS Presidency

Day 31 shamTrumpMcConnellGOP Dismantle Shutdown

Day 17 @SpeakerPelosi #StandWithPelosi

Day 11 Sham @WB_BARR Hearing

Number 107 @realDonaldTrump fascist screed

Year 28 sham @USSupremeCourt

Year 165 sham @GOP

@SenateDems @HouseDemocrats

I am getting GIDDY now so I translate a song

A hopeful song translated for #Resistance

You don’t mess around with Bob

Uptown got it’s hustlers

The bowery got it’s bums

42nd street got big #BobMueller

He’s a pool shootin’ son of a gun

Yeah, he big and tough as a man can come

But he stronger than a country hoss

And when the bad folks all get together at night

You know they all call big Bob Boss, just because

And they say

You don’t tug on superman’s cape

You don’t tweet into the wind

You don’t pull the mask off that old lone ranger

And you don’t mess around with Bob

Well outta New York City came a country boy

He say I’m lookin’ for a man named Bob

I am a pool shootin’ boy

My name #DonaldBaloney

But down home they call me #Slick

Yeah I’m lookin’ for the king of 42nd street

He drivin’ a drop top cadillac

Last week he seized all my money

And it may sound funny

But I come to get my money back

And everybody say Donald don’t you know

And you don’t tug on superman’s cape

You don’t tweet into the wind

You don’t pull the mask off that old lone ranger

And you don’t mess around with Bob

Well a hush fell over the pool room

Bob come boppin’ in off the street

And when the cuttin’ were done

The only part that wasn’t bloody

Was the soles of the Donald’s feet

Yeah he were cut in bout a hundred places

And he were shot in a couple more

And you better believe

They sung a different kind of story

When big Bob hit the floor now they say

You don’t tug on superman’s cape

You don’t tweet into the wind

You don’t pull the mask off that old lone ranger

And you don’t mess around with Bob

Yeah, big Bob got his hat

Found out where it’s at

And it’s not hustlin’ people strange to you

Even if you do got a two piece custom made pool cue

Yeah you don’t tug on superman’s cape

You don’t tweet into the wind

You don’t pull the mask off the old lone ranger

And you don’t mess around with Bob

Songwriters: James Croce with name changes by Bliss Epithet

Sing it to “Don’t Mess Around With Bill”

Sex Worker from Ukraine who said she had dirt on Deripaska went from Thai jail to Russian Jail today

And as Covington High School boys get death threats:





OK. Bare with me:











😱 😱 SCREAM 😱 😱

🙏🏻 🙏🏻 🙏🏻

And my friend Barbara Malmet weighs in

8,158 “misleading claims” in 2 years posts @washingtonpost about Donald’s relationship to the truth. What’s another way to say “misleading claims?” LIES. Donald is a pathological, serial liar. And @GOP owns him and his 8,158 lies. Even his “hair” is a lie.

And I am now believing we are deep in a constitutional crisis and no one is being honest with us.

constitutional crisis is a problem or conflict in the function of a government that the political constitution or other fundamental governing law is perceived to be unable to resolve. Wikipedia

  1. Compromised executive branch
  2. Compromised legislative branch
  3. Compromised judicial branch
  4. Corrupt @USSupremeCourt @uscourts
  5. Indefinite Government shutdown.

Five reasons I say we have far exceeded a constitutional crisis and have now entered into the arena of constitutional dissolution. None of these seem to be solvable problems.

And to a teacher who asked students to debate whether Donald J Trump is a fascist

Haverhill High School history teacher Shaun Ashworth gave students an assignment titled “Some People Claim That Donald Trump Is a Fascist: Time to Check It Out!” according to WHDH. It asked students at the Haverhill, Massachusetts, school to decide if the characteristics of a fascist leader applied to Trump based on his comments and actions.

I say

It’s easy enough to tell if you do your research.

1 ✅

2 ✅

3 ✅

4 ✅ @SenSanders @POTUS

5 ✅ Liberals Media

6 ✅ getting there

7 ✅ to some (ignorant)

8 ✅ Chinese government threatened me a private USA citizen with extradition & death.

I believe it could happen.

And finally Trump blames murders on no Wall

Week 114

And Donald J Trump gifts Deripaska a sweetheart deal

Gun ownership is linked to youth suicide

And Dana Loesch of NRA weighs in in Covington HS harassment

“What the #CovingtonCatholic smear proved is that many in media and predatory progressive adults will stop at nothing because of their partisan zealotry, even if it means targeting children with lies and making it to where they require police protection at school.”

While Shannon Watts puts her in her place

“Imagine being so angry about due process for privileged white children after you blamed 12-year-old Tamir Rice for his own death because he brandished a toy gun:…

There’s a reason the @NRA and pundits are outraged over one scenario, but not the other.”

And here we see part of the true purpose for shut down

January 22, 2019

My friend Ryan Knight writes

Russia attacked our election.

BEFORE ATTACK: NRA and Mike Flynn travel to Russia in December of 2015.

DURING ATTACK: Trump’s campaign has over 100 contacts w/ Russian operatives.

AFTER ATTACK: Trump sides w/ Putin over US Intelligence and lifts sanctions on a Russian oligarch.

And I answer

Only thing I would add Ryan


Why is someone not stopping him from attacking our Country? I am@beginningvto think all the real hero’s are dead and gone. @USArmy @USNavy @usairforce @USMC @uscoastguard @PFPAOfficial

And my final theory

I would say that because he is working for Putin, his agenda is that USA ceases to exist. He may wish to be installed in a sham USA Dynastic Theocratic (for “Christians” who support him) Kleptocratic Autocracy as Putin has created but it will be only for power & money. He will have no interest in citizens. The citizens are who dispensible to Trump. Anyone who gets in the way of what man baby @realDonaldTrump wants is dispensable by any cruel means. @SenateDems @HouseDemocrats

Sadly for us the same is true for @GOP anyone who gets in their way is dispensable by any cruel means. @FoxNews @WeAreSinclair @foxandfriends @CNN @CillizzaCNN @ABC @ABCPolitics @CBSNews @CBSPolitics @NBCNews @NBCPolitics @MSNBC @AP_Politics @AP @NPR @nprpolitics @PBS @NewsHour

Sarah Kendzior warns

On @gaslitnation at 37:00: “Why is the FBI not acting with any urgency? We have a Russian asset who shut down the government. We know the FBI was purged — that was predictable. Why not act *before* you’re purged? Why not act before the country collapses?”

This tweet above is from five days ago. Now the FBI says they can barely act at all in the shutdown. *This was predictable*. It was also predictable that an autocrat would try to eliminate or co-opt any agency with prosecutory or investigative power. Why did no one have a back-up plan?

And Savanah Guthrie of the Today Show interviews the Covington HS teen who harassed a Native American Veteran.

Good GAWD @SavannahGuthrie unless you have the native veteran. on at the same time what the he’ll do you think you are doing? Did you get arch the fucking tapes. You have become a more hater. We cannot trust anyone anymore. @TODAYshow

Twitter has shut me down ten times in the last two days so I wanted to get all of this down for posterity.

Day 732 sham @POTUS Presidency

Day 32 shamTrumpMcConnellGOP Dismantle Shutdown

Day 18 @SpeakerPelosi #StandWithPelosi

Day 12 Sham @WB_BARR Hearing

# 108 @realDonaldTrump fascist screed

Year 28+ sham @USSupremeCourt

Year 165+ sham @GOP

@SenateDems @HouseDemocrats

See updates

Hang in there folks, It is going to get worse before it gets better.