Notes from professional practice tutorial

During this tutorial, general chat was discussed around the table about steps to be taken after finishing university.

> When trying to get your work out there, think about who will be paying you, what company, where is the money coming from and why would they buy your work?
 >An art director while shooting oversee’s everything style wise, They are like a producer, says what's what, working with an art director is very collaborative.
 >An agent is someone that represents you and finds you work to do like commissions, whereas an agency is a mixture of people for different jobs and they will come to the person that is best suited for the job depending on your portfolio- they do not represent you as such so they work out a lot cheaper than an agent. 
>Showing already published work helps you get more published work.
 As already spoke about, assisting is a great way to get to know people in photography and learn things you couldn’t be taught anywhere else.

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