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Parenting is a constant work in progress

Shadows on pavement cast by a child and an adult holding hands as they walk.
Photo: AlexLinch/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Author and creative writing professor Marie Myung-Ok Lee reflects on building the future you wish to see for yourself

Illustrator: Mark Wang

When soldiers returned home, they brought with them stereotypes that became embedded in American culture

An archival photo from the Korean War. Carrying her baby brother on her back, a war weary Korean girl walks by a stalled M-26 tank, at Haengju, Korea, June, 1951.
A Korean girl with her baby brother walks by a stalled M-26 tank in Haengju, Korea, 1951. Photo: RV Spencer/Interim Archives/Getty Images

Nearly 30 years later, my book is relevant again. But why do I feel conflicted about it?

Finding My Voice book cover against a red and bright pink patterned background.

woman and other commuters wearing masks on subway

The rhetoric around 2019-nCoV — the “Wuhan coronavirus” — plays on centuries-old racist sentiments against Asians

Image representation of the dominant public opinion that persistent presence of these three diseases Malarium, Small Pox, and Leprosy were all the fault of the Chinese immigrants and their unsanitary living conditions — the Wasp newspaper 26 May 1882 via Wiki Commons

People long for clear narratives, but reality isn’t like that

Illustration by Carmen Johns

From left to right: Russell French, Paola French and their son, Kenneth French, at Universal Studios. Kenneth, 32, was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer in a Corona Costco on June 14.

prison cells

marie myung-ok lee

Columbia faculty, Writer-in-Residence. Simon & Schuster author. Slate, Salon, NY Times, @Guardian, @TheAtlantic. Famous for being from Bob Dylan's hometown

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