Tom Brimeyer Review — Growth retardation in children and adolescents

Stages differential diagnosis Thus, growth retardation in children and adolescents can be fixed in many endocrine and not endocrine diseases.

The high cost of a hormonal examination, the complexity of children and poor tolerance of diagnostic tests in the study of growth hormone of pituitary function dictates the need for differential diagnosis options dwarfism stages natural hypothyroid treatment

The purpose of this approach to the differential diagnosis method is to set an option in some patients dwarfism (if possible without a complex hormonal studies), thereby limiting the number of patients who need to conduct a study growth hormone of pituitary function.

First stage involves the allocation of the differential diagnosis of patients stunted without clinical signs of growth hormone deficiency and the underlying disease, which was the cause of growth retardation. On these grounds without hormonal inspection installed option dwarfism. The second phase involves the selection of patients with clinical signs suggestive of growth hormone deficiency.

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