Top 10 Love Movies

These movies are in no particular order in regards to rank, but for me… I would say the following movies are the “Top 10”. These movies are cliché filled and cheesy, but then again… I am a hopeless romantic, lol. Anyways! Definitely watch these movies if you’re into all that lovey-dovey stuff cause they’ll for sure get you into your feelings!

  1. The Notebook
Ryan Gosling is in it, so why not watch it?

2. A Walk to Remember

You will cry, I guarantee you will.

3. The Last Song

Ahh… Young love.

4. Dear John

5. Safe Haven

6. The Best of Me

One of my favorites

7. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

This one is awesome!

8. 50 First Dates

How about a Rom-Com? :D

9. Love & Basketball

Love and sports? Interesting…

And of course last but not least…

10. Titanic

“Draw me like one of your French girls.”

As you can see… A majority of the movies are based off of Nicolas Sparks books so… Aside from the “Top 10” list, any cliché or cheesy movie will be one of my favorites. Again, if you haven’t see any of these… Please watch and enjoy them!