Texture in the garden:

Alexander McQueen, “Widows of Culloden”, Autumn/Winter 2006–2007. This piece taken from the 06/07 collection is made from pheasant feathers which have been delicately layered and fixed into place. This piece demonstrates “a lightness of touch and an ingenuity of construction”.

On my return to the garden I focused my attention on the textures and tones that surrounded me. The first image, depicts a pond and the selected area particularly caught my attention due to the shape of the shell like rock in the water. The grooves on the top of the rock made it look almost like a fabric. The way in which the McQueen dress has been layered strongly reminds me of the grooves of the rock in the garden. The tones in the second image again are strongly reminiscent of the McQueen gown; both images depict a rich earthy brown.

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Grace Jones, André Courrèges, 1974.

Gustav Kilimt, Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I, 1907

In regards to texture I was drawn not only to plants but also the things one usually ignores, such as the bubble wrap which encased numerous plants. In the video I am initially concentrating on the softness of the sound it makes as it sways in the wind. However when looking at the image of the bamboo shot piercing the bubble wrap, it had a strong resemblance to a Grace Jones shoot from the seventies. Her cloak is fashioned out of what seems to be an almost bubble wrap like material. The neck piece adds a sense of importance to the image, as if she is emulating Queen Elizabeth I. The soft gold background for me is reminiscent of the work of Gustav Klimt. Again the strong silhouette of Jones harps back to Klimt, both Jones and Adele Bloch-Baue stand proudly in each image, with amass of fabric draped over each of them.

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