Thanks to a very small percentage of the industry, marketing hasn’t been living the greatest reputation in the grand scheme of things.

You know exactly what I mean. The shady stuff, the get-rich-quick-style sleaze, the hacking, the pushy selling, the look-I’m-better-than-you messaging, the data breaches and misuse, the whole thing.

It makes us look like the only thing we care about is getting to the end result-the sales, the conversions, the year-end bonuses-in the shortest amount of time, even if it means we have to be unethical and deceptive as we do that.

And I get how we’ve earned that…

Marijana Kay

Freelance writer & content strategist for fast-growing SaaS & marketing brands + Fortune 100s. Obsessed with using content to tell stories. 🇭🇷 in 🇮🇪.

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