Money and Time Are Both Stackable Units
Nicole Dieker

I have a dishwasher, so this isn’t as much of an issue for me in terms of the particular task, but in terms of evening structure, I totally feel you. I leave work at 5; I go to bed at 10. That leaves 4 free hours, because one of those hours is spent getting ready for bed/the next day. Exercise is one hour. Dinner is an hour. That leaves two hours for entertainment or housework. If I’m folding laundry, I can compress that into entertainment, provided there’s a suitably mediocre hour of tv I want to watch while I fold. I do tend to put off most of my housework for weekends, though: I use the UFYH method of 20/10s and 45/15s, and I pull up a TON of podcasts. I’ve gotten pretty fast: I can clean my entire kitchen in 45 minutes (an hour if I add mopping), the bathroom can be cleaned in 20 minutes, and my bedroom can be cleaned in an hour. Add in laundry, and I can see it taking four hours on a weekend, but I’m not working then, and it still leaves me time for hanging out with friends and watching movies and such.

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