Monday Check In!
Ester Bloom

Saturday, I treated myself with a trip to the movies (The Witch, which is creepy and delicious and SO GOOD!) with a gift card my parents got me for Christmas: I went to a 5 PM showing for the super-discount, and then blew the entire rest of the gift card on concessions (you can get PIZZA at this movie theater, y’all. PIZZA!) Sunday I was hosting a dinner party for some friends, and I may have gone a squidge overboard: the brownies exploded in the oven, so I needed a new dessert, so I bought more groceries ($40) and then panicked about the fact that I didn’t have a tablecloth, so I went straight to Target and bought a tablecloth and also wine ($30). I opened all the windows, baked a TON of meatballs, made sauce and spaghetti, and didn’t calm down until the first person showed up. It ended up being lovely: we all like each other, and people brought salad and bread and wine, and second dessert turned out great (berry crumble) and I used paper plates so I didn’t have to do a ton of washing up. I also have so much pasta left over, which I brought to work to share with people because I cannot handle having so many leftovers. In short: I spent about $70, most of it on a single dinner party, and discovered that I get wicked Hostess Neurosis, which can be cured with Moscato.

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