How to Get Out of the Cycle of Outrage in a Trump World
Arianna Huffington

Even here in Europe, with friends at a café in Greece, at a business meeting in Cyprus, in a shared taxi, it seems every conversation begins and often ends with Trump and outrage is the word of the day. For me, as a student of the evolution of a soul, I know that when we stay outraged or caught in any other negative vortex of global or personal proportion we are distracted from more creative and constructive pursuits. It’s hard to shift out of it when our mind takes hold, so I really appreciate the many links in this article to show the way to shift that energy for positive change rather than railing against the outrage.

I also know from my experience that healing and real change only happens when what no longer serves it broken apart and discarded. Trump is a symbol of the sabotaging energies that underlie the collective consciousness at this time. They have to be brought to the surface to be seen for the error they are. Witnessing the many initiatives arising from this outrageous circumstance is assurance that the populace has been activated and the healing has begun. Trump is making America great again, just not the way he predicted.

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